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Adrenal Exhaustion: A Real Medical Condition or a Medical Myth?

If you’re someone who… Feels exhausted, even after getting a full night of sleep Constantly craves sweet or salty foods Is constantly getting sick … you may begin to wonder if a medical condition is at play. After all, it’s not normal to feel cruddy all the time–especially if you eat a healthy diet, sleep […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Food Options for a Healthy Body

Food is what fuels our bodies. No matter how you look at it, it’s important to be mindful of what you’re putting inside your body…especially if you suffer from diabetes, an autoimmune disease, or acid reflux. For this reason, I’ve compiled a bunch of my favorite food blogs. These blogs cover everything from what you […]

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Developing an Autoimmune Disease: Are You at Risk?

It’s common to know someone who suffers from an autoimmune disease. And, if you know someone with an autoimmune disease, you may notice him or her dealing with a variety of symptoms from hair loss and fatigue to joint pain and impaired coordination. It’s often easy to look at someone who is dealing with an […]

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Stress Hormones: 3 Ways to Naturally Manage High Cortisol Levels

Our bodies’ most prominent stress hormone, known as cortisol, impacts… Our ability to learn Memory Immune function Bone density Weight gain Blood pressure Cholesterol Heart disease …and so much more! For that reason, it’s no surprise that we begin to stress out when this hormone isn’t at the level it’s supposed to be. That being […]

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4 Environmental Autoimmune Triggers to Avoid

(Source) Perhaps your mother and grandmother have arthritis, and you know you’re at a higher risk of developing the condition as well. Or your father suffers from psoriasis, and therefore, you have been worried that you or your children will begin experiencing the symptoms of itchy and rash-prone skin sooner or later. Although genetics certainly […]

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The Celiac Disease & Gluten Connection: What You Need to Know

(Source) Imagine for a few moments, what life might have been like as an early human. From living in caves to fashioning clothing out of animal skin and bones, humans living over 12,000 years ago had an everyday reality that was radically different from the way we live our days today. Take diet for instance–before […]

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3 Delicious Spring Water Recipes to Keep You Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water year-round is important. And as the weather warms up, it’s even more important to pay attention to how much water you’re drinking in order to stay hydrated. Many people, however, aren’t a huge fan of plain water and resort to sports drinks, teas, and lemonades to quench their thirst. These kinds […]

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5 Food Swaps for People with Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you know firsthand the challenges that come with ensuring your blood sugars stay stable and that you stay healthy. You also know that food plays a huge role in how your sugar levels fluctuate during the day, which impacts your energy levels and overall well-being. It can be a big task […]

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3 Foods That Help Create Balance in Your Gut

Not long ago, I wrote an article on 3 things that can cause an imbalance in your gut bacteria. And many of you were shocked at how common things–like tap water and antibiotics–can really wreak havoc on your digestive tract. If you haven’t had a chance to read the article yet, you can find it […]

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5 Ways to Regain Your Health and Show Your Body Love This Year

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. And as this holiday approaches, we often feel led to show our family, friends, and significant others how much they mean to us. It’s a great sentiment. However, this Valentine’s Day–and every month onward–I want to challenge you to start showing yourself some love in the form […]

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