The ear canal is one of the most sensitive parts of the body.


Dull aches and sharp pains in this region can cause immense amounts of distraction, irritation, and discomfort.


Simply put, there is nothing fun about getting an earache.


It doesn’t matter how old, young, or healthy you are.


Earaches can happen to anyone at any time and are one of the most common reasons people visit their doctors.


The reason ear pain is so common is because it can be caused by a variety of different things.


Cavities, sinus infections, earwax, tonsillitis, and teeth grinding can all easily trigger earaches.


The good news is that there are a handful of ways you can treat earaches at home, ease the pain, and skip unnecessary and expensive trips to your physician.


Note: Although I suggest trying all-natural home remedies to ease your earache pain, it’s important to understand when it’s necessary to consult a professional.


If your ear pain is associated with a fever, bleeding, dizziness, or fatigue, please seek professional help.


For mild earaches, I recommend the following natural remedies.




The next time you’re faced with ear pain, reach into your pantry and grab an onion.


It might seem like an odd option, but the highly concentrated flavonoid quercetin has been proven as an effective and fast-acting anti-inflammatory.


This property allows it to reduce swelling in the ear canal and release painful pressure associated with earaches.


Simply cut an onion in half and gently warm it on your stovetop to release the natural oils in the vegetable.


Once the onion is cooled to a comfortable temperature, you can then place it directly on your ear or wrap it in a warm, moist cloth.


If an onion compress isn’t providing enough relief, it’s safe to place 3-5 drops of onion juice into your ear canal.


Garlic and Olive Oil


For centuries, people have used the powerful combination of garlic and olive oil to treat infections, aches, and pains. This combo is by far one of the best natural remedies for soothing painful earaches.


Garlic oil works as the active ingredient to knock out infection that is commonly the cause of ear pain. As garlic oil cleans the ear, olive oil uses its potent polyphenols to reduce inflammation.


Check out how you can make your own garlic and olive oil solution.



  • 1 clove fresh garlic
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil



#1 Heat olive oil on stove.

#2 Simmer minced garlic in the oil for 20 minutes.

#3 Strain the oil to remove garlic pieces.

#4 Place two drops of warm oil in ear canal.

Recipe Source: http://wellnessmama.com/58936/garlic-olive-oil-for-ear-infection/


Essential Oil Earache Rub


If you’re worried about putting stuff inside your ears, an essential oil rub might be the best solution for you.


The following concoction of essential oils, including tea tree oil, olive oil, and lavender oil, are all packed with natural infection-fighting and anti-inflammatory properties.


Simply mix up a batch of the rub, and at the first sign of pain, massage the oil around the ear that’s causing you problems.


Learn how to make this essential oil ear rub recipe now.



  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 10 drops tea tree essential oil
  • 10 drops lavender essential oil



#1 Mix all ingredients and apply gently around your ear that’s in pain.

#2 Reapply as needed.

Recipe Source: http://commonsensehome.com/home-remedies-earaches/


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