Some sadness and anxiety are unavoidable, but you can bypass mental health problems that dominate you.


It’s true: life will deal you many severe blows.


Pair that with the stress of daily life, and you’ll find yourself in a struggle to optimize your mental health.


There’s no shame in thinking you may need to improve your mental health. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with taking preventative measures to keep depression, anxiety, and even psychotic disorders at bay, especially if you have a family history.


If the headlines provide any indication, mental health is an ongoing issue, and it needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.


One thing you can do to make a difference: start within and ensure that your mind is in tip-top shape. There are natural courses you can take to improve your mental health, battle depression and anxiety, and feel genuinely content with life.


Note that Carolinas Natural Health Center does not recommend psychotropics and other mental health drugs, especially when you can take alternative approaches without mind-numbing medications.


Here are a few pointers to improve your mental health without prescription drugs.


#1 Keep your mind sharp.


Intellectual growth is a part of your overall health. When you exercise your brain, you feel more accomplished and enlightened. As a result, the positivity you experience will make you feel more worthwhile, which improves your mental health.


A few action steps include reading a book, attending a lecture, listening to a TEDTalk, or having a stimulating conversation.


The sharper your mind is, the less chance you’ll succumb to mental health issues down the line.


#2 Clear your brain of clutter.


Your brain handles a lot of information every day, sometimes too much. This is not always a bad thing, but sometimes, you’ll have information floating around that you don’t want. Whether it’s an unpleasant memory or simple work stress, it’s best to clear the mind, less you get bogged down.


Try meditation.


Meditation improves your focus and provides clarity. When you replace clutter with clarity, you’ll find life is a lot easier.


#3 Exercise more.


Physical activity extends beyond weight loss and bodily health—exercise also improves your mental health.


You don’t have to be a marathon runner or a professional athlete to enjoy mental health through exercise. It’s a matter of putting away the smartphone, turning off the television, getting up, and taking a walk.


This will also give you time to think, allows you to listen to music, and clears your mind of toxic thinking patterns that weigh you down.


#4 Spend more cherished time with loved ones.


Family life can be a stressor, but it can also be a great relief. To pull a weight off your mind, try spending more cherished time with the people you care about.


I’m not talking about sitting around the television or being on different laptops in the same room. To improve your mental health and emotional wellbeing, go on a family bike ride, play a few board games, or simply talk with the people you love.


#5 Cut down on screen time.


Many people have their gadgets permanently glued to their palms. This is true, even for people who spend their entire workdays in front of a computer screen. Consistent screen time is not only bad for your physical health, but also your mental wellbeing.


Put away the phone, and you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind.


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