Welcome to Week 2 – The Perfect Pantry!

Version 2This week we set up our pantry! Having a well stocked pantry will help you transform your eating habits. There are at least 3 nights a week that I spend 20 minutes or less in the kitchen cooking food from my pantry. I can roast, stir-fry, bake or sauté food quickly. Contrary to popular belief, healthy delicious meals can be prepared quickly when you have everything you need at hand. One evening while waiting next to a McDonalds, I found that people were waiting in the drive thru line for at least 20 minutes to get unhealthy, high calorie foods. You never have to go through that again if you have the right tools in your pantry.

Check out the videos, recipes, and class information below:

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Quick Tabbouleh
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Green Lentil Soup


Dr. Michael Smith

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