Here at Carolinas Natural Health Center, we are committed to total health and are often asked what products we recommend to support you in fully optimizing your health, so here they are…

Wild Pastures

We eat meat, but we want to make sure our meat is of high quality which is why we recommend Wild Pastures. Their meats are entirely raised on pasture and eat a natural diet. There have been studies showing that pasture-raised meat contains more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than conventionally raised. And their meat is raised without antibiotics, steroids, pesticides or herbicides…they let nature do its thing!

Purity Coffee

I’m a big fan of Purity Coffee® because it has 65% higher levels of antioxidants than other organic coffees, plus it’s organic, mycotoxin free, and tested for heavy metals and contaminants. I also love that they work with regenerative farms to produce coffee that is better for the planet, and for us. 


Coffee is one of the biggest sources of antioxidants in the modern diet but most of the coffee that people consume daily is stripped of these benefits. If you want to maximize the health benefits of your daily cup of coffee, check out Purity.

Dry Wines

If you’re like us, you’re totally invested in your health, but also still want to enjoy a glass of wine every now and again.
And we have found an answer for you!!
We love to share products and companies we love that support a similar mission to ours and Dry Wines is right there with us!
Dry Wines are lower in alcohol levels, so you can enjoy your wine without the hangover. Plus, their wines are vegan and sugar free!


Like Wild Pastures, PaleoValley is committed to healthy meat and provides a number of products to help you keep your health on track.

Juice Plus

If you’ve spent any time with Dr. Smith, you know how much he loves Juice Plus! Juice Plus provides products that contain whole foods and real nutrients, which means it’s easier for our bodies to use to support us in our health.

Elemental Labs

More salt, not less.
A growing body of research reveals that optimal health outcomes occur at sodium levels 2-3x government recommendations. That’s why we say, More Salt, Not Less.