Here, again, researchers are finding triggers for Autism.  I would simply like to repeat that Autism is not a disease with a single cause. This article in Fox news titled “Doctors Find Link Between Lyme Disease, Autism,” illustrates this point: that Lyme disease can be an immune trigger for the auto-immune disease we call Autism.  You might be interested to know that there are also linksbetween Autism and Rheumatoid Arthritis and other auto-immune diseases.   Here, you’ll find evidence of Autism being an autoimmune disorder, and here, and here (look for the words “auto-antibodies,” which means the body sees itself as foreign.)

Autism is a perfect storm that can be triggered by a number of factors.

These Autism triggers have commonalities:

  • The individual is predisposed by a familial link.  We do not yet know the details of this link.  It might be genetic, or epigenetic, inherited nutritional deficiency, or a combination.
  • Insults add up and weaken the overall system:
    • repeated antibiotics during pregnancy, or as an infant.
    • early introduction of processed foods and foods that cause immune sensitivity and reactivity
    • lack of beneficial bacterial flora
    • lack of immune support, lack of proper breast feeding
    • environmental toxins: petrochemicals like solvents, pesticides, fumigants, perfumes, dyes, flame retardants, etc.
  • Triggers are introduced:
    • Viral Illness; Bacterial illness
    • Immunization
      • viral antigens activate immune dysfunction
      • toxic adjuvants weaken and dysregulate immune function
    • Environmental toxins: above
  • Autism Emerges
    • resembles autoimmunity against the body’s own nervous system
    • immune dysregulation
    • ill-repair of gut, malabsorbtion, inflammation of gut
    • behavioral symptoms, cognitive symptoms are merely a sign of the underlying problem.