It will soon be January 2016—is this the year you become the healthiest you possible?


The New Year is a time for rejuvenation and for moving forward with better lifestyle habits. If becoming healthier is on your to-do list for 2016, we can help. We’re happy to be your partner in creating a new, improved you.


When clients come to us, they have questions about how we work and what we do. We’ve taken their top three questions and answered them here.

Why should I go to you, a natural physician, instead of my regular allopathic physician?

If you’re happy with your current doctor, by all means, continue working with him or her.


If you don’t currently have a physician or are looking for a change, please allow us to outline a few differences between naturopathic medicine and Western (allopathic) medicine.


Perhaps the most striking difference is the focus. A naturopath focuses on internal treatment, which means giving your body what it needs to heal via food and supplements. A Western-trained doctor focuses on externally treating symptoms with a prescription.


Allopathic physicians call the medicine they practice “traditional medicine”, but that isn’t quite accurate. Naturopathy has been used far longer than allopathic medicine, and it’s truly traditional. Unfortunately, many consider natural medicine to be alternative medicine, which is not true.


Naturopathic physicians, or NDs, rarely prescribe drugs or refer patients for surgery as a first line of treatment. They prefer using education, good nutrition, exercise, massage, and supplementation to treat illness.


Prevention and natural healing are what we do as naturopaths. You can heal yourself, and we will help you become a healthier person overall, not merely treat your symptoms.


Allopathic physicians, or MDs, do not typically focus on prevention or on the whole person. They target disease by treating its signs and symptoms. Their first line of treatment is often drugs or surgery.


These medicines often have serious side effects and force the body to respond in a certain way. Surgery is invasive, painful, and may not heal you from the condition.


Most naturopaths can help with a variety of illnesses because they focus on you as a person, not just your health issue. Allopathic doctors tend to be specialized in their practices. If you have two different health issues, you may see two different specialists, plus a primary care physician.


Naturopaths receive the same amount of training as Western physicians, so you can rest assured that your ND is as well trained as your MD.


Can you treat my specific health problem?

Here at Carolinas Natural Health Center, our doctors use the best of evidence-based natural medicine to treat a wide range of health conditions.


We like to think of it as the perfect blend of the healing powers of nature and the knowledge of scientific research. We help people with the following health problems—and more:




Cardiovascular diseases

Chronic pain

Colds and flu

Depression and mood disorders

Diabetes and insulin resistance

Digestive and bowel disorders

Fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue


High blood pressure/hypertension

Rheumatic diseases

Smoking cessation

Stress management

Thyroid disorders

Weight loss

Women’s health

Wellness and prevention

Is it difficult or expensive to get started?

All you need to do is give us a call at 704-708-4404, or visit this page to request a complimentary consultation with one of our physicians. It couldn’t be easier to start taking control of your health.