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The Circadian Rhythm: Why Rest and Routine Are Vital for a Healthy Body

Most people thrive on daily routines–and for good reason. Not only do routines help us establish healthy habits, but they are also an important part of regulating your circadian rhythm–a 24-hour cycle that aids in the physiological processes of living beings. One of the biggest factors that affects your circadian rhythm is your sleeping patterns, […]

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Is Gluten-Free Flour Good for You? It Depends…

Given the link between gluten and autoimmune disease, going gluten-free—or reducing your gluten intake—is highly advisable. But cutting gluten from your diet can be a tough transition. After all, who enjoys constantly saying no to tasty muffins, homemade breads, and delicious desserts? Enter gluten-free flour—a seemingly simply solution for maintaining your health while enjoying your […]

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Is Fruit Bad for You? Evaluating Low-Fruit Diets

Is fruit bad for you? It’s a question that might be on your mind…especially if you keep up with natural health news. It’s true that fruits can pack a sugary punch. According to several sources, a single banana can contain 14g of sugar. That’s over 3 teaspoons’ worth. But before you donate your favorite fruits […]

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3 Practical Ways to Reduce Your Sugar Intake This Holiday Season

The holiday season is just around the corner, and you know what that means… Sweets, treats, and lots of good eats! While it’s ok to indulge your taste buds every once in a while, it’s important to keep a close eye on what you’re eating–especially during the holidays as sweet treats and sugar-filled foods seem […]

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PCOS: What It Is, What It Affects, and How to Help Naturally Manage It

Pop quiz… What is the most common hormone abnormality in reproductive-aged women? If you guessed Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, you’d be correct! Believe it or not, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, also known as PCOS, affects upwards of 10% of all women who are of reproductive age. And if you yourself have been diagnosed with the condition, you […]

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5 Warning Signs You May Have a Food Sensitivity

If you know people who have a nut allergy or dairy or gluten intolerance, you know how seriously they must avoid consuming the item they have a reaction to. Why? Because consuming the food item they are allergic to can cause them to become extremely sick, or even die. Clearly, food allergies are no joke, […]

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Want to Naturally Decrease Cortisol Levels? Don’t Ignore This Research.

  Cortisol is a stress hormone that humans naturally produce. Under normal circumstances, cortisol is helpful. In fact, it can be a lifesaver as it plays an important role in fight-or-flight responses. However, sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. Some individuals produce abnormal amounts of cortisol, which endangers their health. Known […]

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This SIBO Diet May Put Your Unhealthy Bacteria on the Run

In my last post, we looked at some important facts about SIBO—an acronym that stands for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. While I explained that antibiotics are a form of SIBO treatment, I also mentioned the importance of changing your diet to fight SIBO and restore digestive health. In this article, we’re picking up that thread—focusing […]

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7 Facts You Need to Know about SIBO

Gut health challenges are common for many individuals across the U.S. From mild heartburn to weight gain, it’s not uncommon to realize your digestive system isn’t functioning properly and needs a helping hand. However, if you routinely experience… Abdominal pain Bloating Diarrhea Cramps Burping Constipation Gas …there’s a chance you have more than a mild […]

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