man with angry faceControlling anger.

Does it mean letting anger go? Does it mean bottling anger up?

Neither actually.

Controlling anger for better health involves healthy expression and management of life’s inevitable irritations. Rage is a natural part of life, and it certainly isn’t something that should prompt feelings of guilt.

At the same time, if managed improperly, anger consumes you. And there are mental and physical health risks involved with inadequate anger management, such as…

  • Triggering the fight or flight response that sends your body into panic mode.
  • A rise in blood pressure.
  • Insomnia, depression, and even heart attack.

With effective strategies to control and express your anger, you won’t let “the grumpies” manipulate your overall disposition.

Understand Anger is Natural 

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with you if you feel discontent. If any stimulus (an argument, a reckless driver, anything) prompts rage, remember that it’s OK to feel this way.

Anger is a natural part of life, and even the greatest minds in history have experienced rage. It may be difficult for you to think about Gandhi, Mother Theresa, or Martin Luther King, Jr. getting mad, but like you, they’re only human.

Once you know that anger is a natural response to negative circumstances, you understand how to manage and express your feelings in a productive way.

Announce Your Anger 

Does this mean to wad up your fists, and take out a windowpane? Absolutely not. There is a big difference between the expression of anger and a temper tantrum. Announce your anger by explaining what caused it, and how it makes you feel.

Remember that your feelings are valid.

Turn Negative Anger into Positive Action 

The best way to control anger is to get productive. For this purpose, there’s no better release than exercise. Go out for a run, do some pushups, or a set of jumping jacks, and you will feel the anger wash away.

But exercise is not the only effective form of anger management.

In fact, talking about your feelings with a trusted person will lift a giant weight off your shoulders. Plus, this level of communication helps your overall mental health.

Show Your Gratitude 

Feelings often cancel one another out. While it’s healthy to express anger, it’s not good to dwell on it. Replace your anger with gratitude. Express your thankfulness, and you will feel miles better.

As a gift for you, use this Daily Gratitude Journal that helps you overcome negativity and feel freer in your life.

No matter what stimulus afflicts your health, the only wrong decision is to NOT improve your life.

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