I always considered myself a very healthy person, other than my allergies and mild asthma. A very stressful year caught up with me! My great immune system that I was always so proud of was attacked 3 times in 2 months. I had a bad fall, thus knee x-rays. Then I got a severe peritonsillar abscess and was on 3 different antibiotics which led to a very serious stomach infection, which led to another strong antibiotic! I firmly believe Dr. Smith and his Carolinas Natural Health Team saved my life. I was desperate. Dr. Smith kept in close contact with me, especially after advising me to go to the ER for dehydration. I was able to contact him through email, calls and texting. I can’t even imagine what my outcome would have been without him.

Dr. Smith spend much time going over my health issues and doing lab work and food sensitivity testing. He came up with a unique plan for me and helped me get rid of supplements that I was taking that were not necessary. He put me on supplements that were specific to my needs. Krista was my support for eating better and finding foods and recipes that would work for me. I received a ton of educational support on nutrition and was encouraged to exercise daily. I have noticed a big improvement in my memory, just recently! My sleep is better, leg cramps have ceased, I have more energy overall. I lost 23 pounds and am amazed at how easy it is to keep the weight off, due to my changes in the foods and daily exercise. Lisa is amazing at filling all of my supplement orders and making my appointments. Shondee gives wonderful massages and I always feel so relaxed and revived when I leave.

Carolinas Natural Health Center has so much to offer, they have certainly changed my life for the better! The have become my extended family! They are the most compassionate and caring health care team I have ever met.