2013-10-21_0830Most of us grew up believing the traditional medical paradigm, which states that curing disease means suppressing symptoms. We take pills for everything we think is wrong with us, and we don’t like feeling bad any longer than we have to—even if letting our body fight the problem is better for us. We need to stop the madness and listen to our bodies instead of grabbing pills and other treatments we don’t need.

A fever is really your body’s way of dealing with illness or infection, and when we reduce it, we do ourselves a disservice. We need to allow the body to heal itself, and our role is to support it as much as we can. Homeopathy is a vital part of the healing puzzle.

What is a fever?

Fever occurs when the body temperature is elevated. Many of us learned in school that anything above 98.6 F is a fever, but normal body temperature ranges at least one degree above or below that. A body temperature above 100.4F signifies fever, and a doctor’s visit is warranted. (Anything between normal body temperature and 100.3 is a low-grade fever and not medically significant.)

When you have a fever, your immune system is trying to kill an invader (typically a virus, toxin, fungi, or bacteria) that cannot survive higher temperatures. This is why low-grade fevers should be allowed to run their course. Think of fever as one way your body protects you. It’s one symptom of illness, and one that is beneficial.

A fever is also your body’s way of getting you to slow down and rest so it can take care of you. Resting and sleeping allows the body to produce more white blood cells to take care of the invader. This is a good thing—if you try to reduce the fever, you disrupt the natural immune function, and the invader may not be completely killed off. Worse, when you short-circuit the immune system, you disable and weaken it.

We like to suggest the warming sock treatment at the first sign of getting sick. It works wonders for kids and adults, and involves no pills or potions.

Fever is one of the body’s most important and most effective ways of fighting infection. Instead of disrupting this natural function, homeopathy gives the body a better chance to heal. It works with the body instead of against it, using the law of similars. A disease can be cured by adding a substance that mimics the disease. When you come in to see us, we’ll do a thorough examination and determine which remedies will help your fever.

If you’d like to find out more about treating fever naturally, contact us today for a consultation.