If you’ve taken the time to peruse our website and blog, you know that as naturopaths, we teach you to give your body everything it needs to become and stay healthy.


We focus on you as an individual, not on just your symptoms. We use natural healing methods to prevent and treat disease and spark the body’s own healing ability.


You know that a small pill from the pharmacy can cause big changes in your body. By the same token, small changes that natural medicine offers can change your life and benefit your entire body.


Our naturopathic physicians and our staff are experts in mind-body medicine, homeopathy, massage therapy, and clinical nutrition. Each of these modalities works with others to restore health and vigor.


The modalities we use complement each other, and they work synergistically, meaning each makes the others more effective. Small changes lead to happier, healthier patients.


We treat the whole body and help people with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, sleep disturbances, fatigue, autoimmune diseases, and gastrointestinal illness, among others. We find that when we treat one part of the body, the overall health improves, and seemingly unrelated issues heal themselves.


We’d like to show you just a few examples of our treatments and how they help heal the whole body.


Our licensed massage therapists offer a variety of massage and bodywork. Most of our patients simply enjoy the way they feel afterward, but they also benefit from lower stress, fewer muscle aches and pains, increased circulation, and a bolstered immune system.


Our clinical nutrition program helps with portion control and wise food choices. The more natural the food, the better it is for you.


Our patients find that simply cutting back on sugar and processed foods, along with doing several one-minute workouts every other day, leads to weight loss, less stress on joints, lower blood pressure, better heart function, and clearer thinking.


Our doctors know that the body systems are interconnected in complex ways, and one of the most interesting is the link between gum disease and heart health. Be sure to brush and floss twice a day to keep your teeth in great shape and help your heart.


The bacteria that cause gum disease can also cause heart attacks and blood clots. Again, it’s the small things. In naturopathic medicine, small, subtle changes in your lifestyle and routine are all you need to dramatically transform your health.


Restful, restorative sleep is vital to good health. The darker the room you sleep in, the better. However, with all the technology that surrounds us, LED lights are always on in our bedrooms.


These tiny lights can disrupt sleep, and studies have shown that they cause mice to gain weight. If you can, remove those lights or cover them. Music, on the other hand, has been found to help you sleep, relieve stress, and eat less.


Positive meditation, which we can teach you, helps to calm your mind and reduce stress. In turn, you feel happier, which improves your health, both physical and mental. It doesn’t take a long time to meditate—five or seven minutes will provide amazing health benefits.


Small changes snowball, and we can help you create those changes. We want to help you improve your health right now and stay healthy for years to come. Please give us a call at (704) 708-4404 to set up a consultation. You can also contact us at info@carolinasnaturalhealth.com.