We’ve all done it—eaten or drunk too much at an office party or a bash at a friend’s house and regretted it the next day. While overindulgence is often part of celebrating the end of the year, it’s not inevitable.


Let us help you avoid the holiday party blues with these ideas.

Eat before you go.

If you’re heading to a holiday party, eat something before you leave the house. A high-protein, moderate-fat snack (such as sliced meat with cheese) will help you stay away from less healthy food, and it will help you avoid eating too much of the sugary, chocolatey stuff.


Eating ahead of time will also help you avoid drinking too much.

Drink wisely.

If you’re drinking alcohol at a party, limit yourself to no more than one drink an hour, and watch that those drinks are not extra strong. “One drink” means one serving of alcohol, which is roughly 14 grams of pure alcohol.


That amount is found in 12 ounces of regular beer, a 5-ounce glass of wine, or 1.5 ounces (one shot) of distilled spirits, such as rum or whiskey.


To avoid drinking and driving, consider trading off with a friend or your spouse—at one party, you’re the designated driver, and he or she is free to drink, and at the next party, your friend or spouse is the driver, and you can drink.

Hydrate yourself.

Water, preferably high pH water such as Kangen™Water, is your best friend when it comes to recovering after a holiday party.


It will keep you well hydrated, which helps you feel better the next day. Water also fills you up, reducing the amount you eat and drink, and it aids digestion.


Drink a glass every hour throughout the night. An easy way to remember is to drink one glass of water after every alcoholic drink. When you get home, drink at least one glass before you go to bed, and have at least 16 ounces (two glasses) when you rise the next day.

Decide what you’ll eat before you pile your plate.

Instead of taking a plate and working your way down the table sampling everything, take a moment and walk around the table. Choose four or five items that you’ll enjoy, and take just enough to have a few bites of each.


No need to overload your plate with a little bit of everything just because it’s there. Enjoy your food, but be cautious. You ate before you came, remember?

No seconds.

Eating before you go and deciding what you’ll put on your plate before you start help you avoid returning for seconds.


Those seconds easily turn into thirds, and it seems as if you always hit the most decadent and dangerous foods more than once—you rarely visit the veggie tray a second time. Take one helping of the foods you want, and eat no more.


Take care of yourself after you get home. Drink more water and get a good night’s sleep. With these tips, you should make it through the holiday parties with minimal weight gain, stress, and hangovers.


If you have questions about any of these tips, or if you’d like more help, call us for a consult. We’d love to work with you and be your health partner for the New Year.