Kim Martin

Dr. Peter Swanz helped me to hug my children! I visited Dr. Swanz with various concerns. One of those concerns was severe nerve pain that I had agonized with for 15 years. The pain was so intense that I could not pick up my two baby boys. He introduced me to SCENAR, explained how it worked, and gave me a few treatments. For the first time in 15 years, I was pain free for a few hours. I knew I had finally found the right person to help me. After each use, the length of pain free time became greater. With daily use, I now have entire days with no pain. But, best of all, now I can pick up by boys and give them great big hugs! Dr. Swanz is always readily available and eager to answer my questions and concerns. He has not only reduced my nerve pain, he also helped me understand ways I could improve my health as a whole. This included my diet and my emotional and mental wellness. He showed me the correct way to use homeopathic medicine for my family. He is very passionate about educating people who desire an improved lifestyle. And more importantly…he gets results! Thank you Dr. Swanz, for changing my life.

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