Learning to cook can save your health. In fact, picking up a few kitchen tips and tricks will actually transform your life.


When I speak with patients about this issue, I hear about very understandable circumstances. In short, people don’t cook because they are busy working jobs, raising families, and trying to catch a break every now and again.


However, it’s actually very simple to learn how to cook healthy foods that will optimize your health.


If you’ve been hitting the drive-thru, or saving time with fast microwave meals, know that the time saved is not worth the years poor eating habits will delete from your lifespan.


Instead, think of food as medicine.


What you eat matters—food is supposed to fuel you, not make you sick or overweight.


Unfortunately, these days, busy people don’t have access to the basic and easy cooking skills that will improve their health exponentially.


I’m writing this blog, so that you know there is a way out of the “drive-thru trap.” When you learn how to cook, you will discover…

  • Whole foods that sustain your health, so that you can easily identify what to eat and what to avoid.
  • How to plan meals ahead and save time, so that you have nutritious food at the ready.
  • The essential ingredients to stock in your pantry, so that you always have everything ready.
  • Fundamental grocery shopping tips, so that you’re not tempted by the donuts at the grocery store.
  • How to use herbs and spices to take your dishes from bland to fantastic, so that you experience a whole new world of flavor.
  • How to make soups, whole grains, snacks, and salad, so that you become a versatile chef.
  • Healthy snacking recipes, so that you delete processed sugar and trans fat from your diet.
  • The right treats to curb sugar addiction, so that you always choose the healthy “sweet treats.”


I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve teamed up with Dr. Daemon Jones—aka “Dr. Dae.” She is a wonderful teacher and naturopathic physician who will show you how to effortlessly prepare healthy foods right in your own kitchen.


Healthy eating has a bad reputation, and for good reason. When you go on starvation diets, or you focus on what you can’t eat, then you feel as if you’re missing out on your favorite foods.


And that places you back in the same rinse-and-repeat cycle. I’m excited for you to enroll in this new course—which will change the way you think about cooking and nutrition.


Click here to reserve your seat.