brainMental clarity: does a clear and focused mind sound far-fetched to you?

Your continued mental wellbeing hinges on a lot—your schedule, work, personal life, and even the food you eat. When you don’t take time out for yourself or when “life” bogs you down, your mental acuity slips, and you feel confused and stressed.

Poor mental acuity takes many forms, including fuzzy memory, difficulty concentrating, and reduced alertness. These potential symptoms affect your work performance along with your ability to relax while doing activities you typically enjoy.

This is one reason why finding a way to alleviate the pressures of day-to-day life can provide long-term benefits.

Mental clarity also affects your mood. When you relax and think clearly, you’ll find that happiness and positivity come easier. However, as your brain fogs over from stress, diet, and other factors, your mood suffers.

Not to worry. With these 3 simple ways to boost your mental clarity, you will rediscover what it’s like to have a happier, relaxed, and sharper mind.


If you’ve been reading our Carolinas Natural Health blog for a while, you’re no stranger to the benefits of meditation. The practice promotes strength, health, and wellbeing.

Meditation is so simple and easy that anyone can do it. Moreover, everyone can benefit from it. Relaxation, higher levels of internal energy, and mental acuity are reached through meditation. Meditating is a natural way to lower your stress and ease your mind into a state where anxiety and depression no longer affect it.

If you’ve already experienced the wonders of meditation, here are 3 easy meditation best practices that will aid you in furthering your mental clarity.

Inversion Therapy

That’s right: hanging upside down or otherwise inverting yourself can actually boost your brainpower!

A recent trend for improving mental clarity involves inversion. Along with a host of other benefits such as avoiding dementia, and relieving depression, mood swings, insomnia, and stress, it’s fantastic for getting the blood in your brain pumping.

Dr. Robert Martin, the author of The Gravity of Guiding System: Turning the Aging Process Upside Down, has said that when your body is inverted or on an inclined plane, your brain’s performance goes up 14%.

An article on inversion highlights the benefits of this new therapy, following up with the basics of inversion therapy.


Not all supplements marketed as “all-powerful” or “brain enhancing” are great. Some of them may not even be that important for promoting stronger cognitive function. To make it simple, we are going to list 3 top supplements that are essential for mental health and clarity.

  1. DHA—Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA for short) is an omega-3 essential fatty acid that promotes a healthy nervous system and brain function. Taking this supplement can help with memory loss, mood swings, dementia, depression, and more. It is found in good quality fish oil, such as Nordic Natural Pro Omega.
  2. Vitamin B12—This vitamin can help keep mental decline in check. A deficiency in B12 has been linked to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Many people take a B complex supplement to ensure a balanced intake of the essential B vitamins. When taking B12 it’s important that you take the active form, methylcobalamin.
  3. Vitamin D3—Excellent for elevating your mood, improving memory, and enhancing your problem-solving abilities, vitamin D3 has a plethora of other health-boosting benefits.

Mental clarity keeps you sharp, and it keeps you happy. Meditating, taking a few supplements, or just standing on your head for a few minutes can usher you toward a calmer, happier state of mind—and when it’s really that easy, how can you say no?

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