Mental Health

Natural Remedies for Anxiety and Depression

If you are suffering from anxiety or depression, you’re not alone.

In fact, over 6.8 million adults are battling these mental health disorders that commonly leave people…

Chronically fatiqued, brain-fogged, unable to work, rheumatoid arthritis and ultimately, unable to enjoy everyday life… 

We see people every day who are battling these draining emotional-health issues.

In fact, we had a patient named Nicole who went through a period of time where she suffered from extreme anxiety about every little thing.

Nicole wasn’t able to sleep, and she was a wreck during the day. The anxiety also messed up her digestion. She was constantly worrying about her kids (what was going to happen to them, or would they get sick?), her husband’s job (would they have enough money, or would he be home to spend time with the kids?), whether her house was decorated properly, why her friends didn’t text her back, etc., and she was not able to enjoy life anymore.

She was constantly stressed out and anxious.

It wasn’t long before the inability to enjoy life started making Nicole feel depressed.

It’s a common belief that anxiety and depression are impacting more and more people due to ever-increasing levels of stress in our society.

While that might be partly true, the actual root of what causes anxiety and depression might surprise you.

One common underlying cause of mental-health disorders is…an unhealthy gut.

Believe it or not, your central nervous system maintains a complex two-way line of communication between the gut and brain via the “gut-brain axis.” For this reason, gut bacteria affects this connection, and microbes in the gut influence the brain’s response to stress, anxiety, and depression.

While eliminating stress out of your life is important for overcoming anxiety and/or depression, it’s also vital that you put together a plan to heal your gut as well if you want to experience total healing.

As soon as Nicole was given the education she needed to feel empowered for her own physical and mental health, life changed for her.

She’s smiling now, has energy, isn’t anxious or depressed, and can spend quality time with her kids. And the same can happen for you too—without having to use dangerous or expensive medications.

If you’re tired of feeling crippled by the weight of anxiety or depression, it is possible to get over these disorders without having to take costly and risk-laden medications.

At Carolinas Natural Health Center, we provide all of our members with personalized, comprehensive health plans. These are designed to give you the education and support you need to treat the actual cause of the problem and get you back on the road to better health.

It is possible to overcome anxiety and/or depression naturally, just like Nicole did.


To learn more about how we educate our members and how you can get the information that will empower you to put an end to your anxiety and/or depression, we encourage you to learn more about our process.

Discover how you can start living without depression or anxiety today!