How MeRT Transforms Lives…

Before the treatment, I was struggling with ADHD. Now, life has gotten easier. I am not so exhausted, it’s easier for me to focus, it doesn’t take as much energy to focus, and my quality of sleep has also improved. My wife started to tell the difference on day TWO! The treatment has been very successful- I would say Life Changing!


“After doing some research, I decided to try MeRT therapy. Due to my highly stressful sales job, I wanted help to alleviate stress, decrease my anxiety, and improve my sleep. I’ve tried several modalities to optimize my brain health, but this is the first that has been very effective after only 4 weeks. My sleep has improved, my ability to cope with stress has improved, and my anxiety has decreased. Overall, I am very satisfied with the MeRT therapy and my results. I have recommended (MeRT) to many of my family members!”

Roman K.

“The MeRT therapy is transforming my life. I come from a dynamic past of trauma and addiction. I had no idea how that imprint on my brain was affecting my life. I use to live in a life of fear, waiting for something bad to happen. Now, with MeRT, I find myself living in a sense of safety. I had no idea life could be experienced without the daily effects of PTSD. Beyond that, my energy levels are up, my sleep is deeper, and my anxiety is gone. I am thankful for the MeRT experience in my life and I highly recommend it”

Jody V.

“I have just recently wrapped up a 6-week MERT program and can’t speak highly enough about the program and technology. After 5-6 years of dealing with chronic autoimmune disease, my sleep and energy had both taken a steep dive. I was unable to sleep consistently or restfully on a night-to-night basis, often waking up 15+ times a night. This led to an inability to stay focused during the day, poor critical thinking and also some anxiety. After my MERT treatment, I have finally started getting deep, uninterrupted sleep during the night, my thinking has greatly improved, and my mood has stabilized. As a pleasant bonus, everyone with the practice is very helpful and welcoming! I plan on returning to the MERT program.”

Elliot B.

“I used to live my life with a constant and unable to cope with stress. Instead of feeling overwhelming dread along with physical anxiety symptoms, I wake up every day with energy and a sense of peace and calm like I have never felt in my life. I’m no longer having nightmares and can sleep through the night easily.  Instead of feeling cravings for alcohol, I can enjoy myself in moderation and be present in the moment. I truly feel like this is the version of me that I always knew I was capable of being, but I just couldn’t get out of the brain fog of my anxiety and depression. After MERT therapy I feel motivated to live my life to the fullest.”

Katherine H.

I don’t want to have Alzheimer’s like my father did. I don’t want my son to have to go through that- and that’s why I carved the time out to do this. I feel so much better. It’s ridiculous!


How the Treatment Works…

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Step 3:

EEG Analysis and Review

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Tired of Spinning Your Wheels with Treatments that Aren’t Making You Better?

We see it time and time again at Carolinas Natural Health Center. Our practice members come to us frustrated, lost, feeling alone… Like no one is listening or if they are listening, the only option for treatment is a prescription or therapy. It doesn’t have to be this way. We start your journey by listening to you … and then running the right tests. See, anxiety, depression, PTSD… they’re symptoms of an underlying issue in your brain. We dig deep to help you discover how your brain is functioning – and provide the treatment that will return your brain to a state of balance and peace.

No Two Brains are the Same.


Whatever you’re experiencing, we create a customized plan that helps your brain to heal.

Conditions MeRT Treats…






MeRT Treatment is…


MeRT is pain-free and non-invasive; in fact, most people find the MeRT sessions very relaxing.

FDA Cleared Equipment

We only use equipment that has been cleared by the FDA. Our clinicians use this equipment off-label.

MeRT Research

Our neuromodulation technology is backed by nine third-party clinical studies led by world-renowned research institutions. Click HERE to see the research.

Drug Free

MeRT is a drug-free treatment that uses electromagnetic pulses to retrain brain activity.

Meet Dr. Michael Smith

Dr. Smith has been recognized as a leader in the field of natural medicine and has gained national attention through interviews and public speaking, and is quickly becoming America’s leading expert in lifelong, optimized living. His breakthrough optimal wellness system has proven that diminished health and vitality can be reclaimed by just about any proactive person at any age.

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