Naturopathic Medicine

Why you need a Naturopathic Doctor

At Carolinas Natural Health Center, we are passionate about taking a naturopathic approach to healthcare.

The reason: We believe you deserve more than a Band-Aid-like, symptomatic treatment approach that conventional medical practices provide.

Every day millions of people are prescribed medications that mask the effects of serious health conditions.

While the medications might make you feel good for a little while, they do nothing to help solve your health issue in the long run.

Without proper healing, your body is going to continue to break down, and your health is going to worsen.

This makes you a ticking time bomb for experiencing a detrimental health crisis such as organ failure, stroke, heart attack, etc., all because your medical provider never addressed the root cause of your illness.

If you feel as if you’re on a never-ending carousel of being stuck with new health issues, chronic fatigue, and pain that doesn’t go away, this is the reason why.

The solution to breaking the cycle…it’s time to change your approach to healthcare.

Unlike conventional medicine, naturopathic medicine is an approach that utilizes natural remedies–such as diet changes, supplements, massage, or exercise–to target and treat the root cause of an illness.

We dig deep to address the cause of why you’re experiencing pain or not feeling well.

Once we uncover the cause, we can treat the problem, instead of just providing relief for your symptoms.

If you’re tired of…

  • Feeling sick and tired all the time
  • Having to pay for expensive medications that do nothing to improve your health
  • Putting your dreams and goals on the back burner due to poor health
  • Only having a few minutes with your doctor
  • Having to wait long periods of time in the waiting room
  • Feeling as if you’re not being listened to

…it’s time to rethink the way you’ve been approaching your personal healthcare.

Prescriptions are never going to solve your medical problems. In fact, they are a silent killer that enables your body to break down past the point of repair without you even knowing it.

You deserve to live a long, happy, and healthy life. Using our naturopathic approach, we can help you achieve just that.

The Six Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is founded on 6 foundational principles of healing. Here is what we believe…


The Healing Power of Nature (Vis Medicatrix Naturae)

Naturopathic medicine recognizes the body’s ability to heal itself. Naturopathic physicians identify and remove obstacles to recovery to enable this healing ability in patients.


Identify and Treat the Causes (Tolle Causam)

The naturopathic physician seeks to identify and remove the underlying causes of illness, instead of simply suppressing symptoms.

We do not use medications and other traditional remedies as a bandage and instead focus on whole body health and healing the patient naturally from the inside out.


First Do No Harm (Primum Non Nocere)

Naturopathic medicine follows three principles to avoid harming the patient:

1. We use only natural methods and medicinal substances which are designed to minimize the risk of harmful side effects.
2. We avoid–if possible–the harmful suppression of symptoms and instead treat the root cause of your health problems.
3. We acknowledge and respect everyone’s individual healing process and use the amount of intrusion necessary to diagnose and treat a health condition.


Doctor as Teacher (Docere)

Naturopathic physicians strongly believe in providing education and encourage self-responsibility for health. We also acknowledge the therapeutic value founded in the doctor-patient relationship. [Link to resources page]


Treat the Whole Person

Naturopathic physicians treat each individual by taking into consideration various physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, and social factors.

It’s vital to treat the whole body, instead of focusing simply on its various parts.



Naturopathic physicians emphasize the importance of being proactive when it comes to disease prevention, health risk factors, and hereditary susceptibility to disease. It is our job to guide patients to make appropriate interventions in order to prevent illness.

We strive to create a healthy world in which humanity may thrive.

Discover What Naturopathic Medicine Can Do for You

If you’re tired of not getting the results you deserve through conventional medical practice, we encourage you to discover what naturopathic medicine can do for you.

To get a better feel of what we offer at Carolinas Natural Health Center, we invite you to attend a FREE online seminar or in-person dinner talk.

During these events, we discuss a variety of health issues including how to…

Improve your health through healing your gut.
Heal from acid reflux naturally.
Safely and effectively reverse your diabetes.
Take control of your stress, hormones, and health.
And more!