allergiesAllergies are caused by the body’s oversensitivity and overreaction to stimuli, such as dust, pollen, and certain foods. Most people run to a traditional doctor for help with allergies, but naturopaths and homeopathic health professionals know there’s much more to be done than merely prescribing medication.

Naturopathy and homeopathy are often more effective than pharmaceuticals or traditional medicine at helping you get rid of itchy eyes and a runny nose. Both approaches work with your body to create change naturally, rather than introducing a foreign chemical such as an antihistamine.

Naturopathy and homeopathy both use treatments from nature to help you become healthier. Their approaches to springtime allergies, runny nose, and itchy eyes are similar yet different. Let’s explore these two methods of helping you stay disease free.


You shouldn’t have to suffer through allergies with no help, and your symptoms are not imaginary—they signal a true problem. Homeopathic remedies help relieve the symptoms and give your body time to heal. Your allergies at this time of year are likely due to tree pollen, with grass pollen coming into play in April or May.

Homeopaths believe it is best to allow nature to take its course and not suppress itchy eyes or runny noses. If you stifle symptoms, the disease is driven further into the system. Homeopathic remedies are small amounts of natural substances that would trigger allergies in an unaffected person but help heal an affected person. The most common treatments for seasonal allergies are allium sepa, natrum muricatum, and nux vomica. A small amount is used daily, which effects the change the patient wants to see.


Naturopaths go back to basics and treat holistically, without medications or invasive procedures. For itchy eyes, a naturopath might suggest wearing sunglasses to keep pollens away from the eyes and putting clothes into the washing machine as soon as you return from being outside.

If you have pets, keep them inside, and wash and brush them frequently. Also, rinsing your eyes after being outside and staying in during the heat of the day help you to avoid allergies. Using a neti pot to rinse the nose with saltwater flushes out pollens that cause problems. Clean the air in your home using a HEPA filter to continuously remove allergens. To keep pollen from sticking to your floors, remove carpet and install wood floors, which are easier to thoroughly clean.

Other simple ideas for keeping allergies at bay:

  • Stay inside and keep windows closed during high pollen times of day.
  • If you have a severe pollen allergy, ask visitors to take off their shoes and coats and leave them near the door. Better yet, meet them somewhere and enjoy a meal or coffee. You have no control over the allergens other people may bring into your home.
  • If you spend a lot of time in your car, vacuum it regularly during the spring.
  • Avoid anything that may tax your immune system or harm your breathing, such as spending time with people who are sick, breathing cigarette smoke, or drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.

Naturopathy and homeopathy help not just allergies, but also any health issue you may be facing. On Friday,March14 from 11 a.m. to noon at the Towers Center building in Charlotte, Dr. Smith will be participating in a discussion series with Dr. Sheila Kilbane called Ask the Doctor Anything. They will cover health concerns such as vaccinations, diet, allergies, and nutrition.

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