Success Stories

Holistic Medicine and Naturopathic Care in Charlotte, NC

Vicky And Noble Smith
(Low Energy, Brain Fog)


“The really great things was the the guidance along the way. The videos, the book, and recipes. It Made it a lot easier to move towards optimal health”

Sarah Dudly
(Eczema, Respiratory issues)


Within the six months that I’ve been here, I have experienced over 15 pounds of weight loss, no longer have psoriasis all over my face, and eliminated medications from my daily repertoire, replacing them with natural supplements.

Tom and Kelly Young
(Fatigue and Brain Fog)


As a result of the program, we made a lot of changes, started eating healthy, and I have more energy, don’t have high levels of fatigue anymore, and brain fog has much improved.

Wendy Sisk
(Weight Gain)


I’ve lost 15 pounds so far which is amazing!

Celia Thompson 48
(Lack of Sleep and Energy, Digestion Issues)


“I was able to go to a competition. Going through the program made this possible! I now can do so many things! I can’t wait to see what happens in the future.”

Eric Smart, 45
(Hypertension, Seasonal/Food Allergies, Daily Congestion)


“My blood pressure has gone from Hypertension to normal in a matter of 3-4 months!”

Carmen Lopez, and Ada Escobar, 71
(Fatigue, Acid Reflux, Overweight) (Diabetic, Acid Reflux, High Cholesterol)


“I no longer have acid reflux and have lost about 15 pounds. I also sleep much better!”
“Following the program has helped me have a healthy and happier life.”

Delores Komst, 60
(Digestive Problems, Sleep Issues)


“I no longer have the digestive issues I had. I don’t feel bloated. I feel 20 yrs younger because I have got that energy back!”

Debbie Summers, 65
(Memory Issues, Digestive Problems)


“I have noticed a big difference in my memory and digestion!”

Debby Blum, 66
(Acid Reflux, Stage 3 Breast Cancer)


“I feel totally blessed by working with Dr. Smith. He has helped me all through this. He has given me the hope that I can be there for my children and grandchildren.”

Jean Staats, 40
(IBS, Proctitis)


“The best part of the program was being able to get off of all of the traditional medicines, being able to feel so much better, and being given the tools to know what is wrong. Now, because I know what affects me, I have the control of taking care of myself. I’ve also lost almost 30 pounds- and I feel so much better!”

Donna Fox, 75
(Lung Condition: Bronchiectasis)


“This was a life saving thing for me! I feel so much better than I have ever felt in my life. I have a lot of energy.”

Jane McIlreavy, 75
(Fatigue, Digestive Problems)


“Before I started the program, I was always tired, had a hard time with my food, and my insides didn’t work well…Now, I’m grateful everyday that I can get up and I can say “I feel good and I can move.”

Pam Greenwood, 71
(Anxiety, Bloating, Depression)


“Since I have been with this program, my bloat is almost completely gone- and that’s after 30 yrs of dealing with bloat and being uncomfortable.”

Kathy Efird, 62
(Migraines, Graves Disease)


“After following this program… my thyroid levels came back to normal within months. The migraine headaches have also greatly improved.”

Kathy Fletcher, 59
(High BP, Allergies, Scalp Scoris)


“After a few months of following [Dr. Smith’s] advice & taking healthy supplements that he recommended, I was able to be weaned off of my blood pressure and allergy medicine.”

(Joint Pain)


“6 months ago when I walked into your office, my body felt very different than it does today. Back then, I had significant joint pain!”

Lydia Powers, 65
(Osteoporosis, Pre diabetioc)


“I was pre diabetic when I came here. I am no longer pre diabetic. My osteoporosis is better. The staff at CNHC is the best!”

Mike Gianpetro, 62


“I am no longer a diabetic! I was on 3 meds: cholesterol, high bp, and two for diabetes, insulin and metformin. My sugars are in normal ranges now.”

Sarah Itara, 63
(Brain Fog, Elevated Liver Enzymes)


“Immediately, after a couple weeks, I had NO brain fog. I started feeling normal!”

Shelly Crocker, 48
(GI Discomfort, Food Sensitivity)


“This really helped me figure out how to live, going forward, so I can prevent those symptoms from happening again and I can have a healthy body that works properly. I feel good. I feel better. I feel confident!”


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