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10 Results You Get from Practicing Yoga

  Practicing yoga: yoga is a gentle, all-body exercise that helps calm the mind and reduce stress. Those who practice yoga do it to improve and enhance both mind and body. Today, we will focus on the physical benefits of a regular yoga practice.   The longer you do yoga, the more proficient you’ll become, […]

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Everyday Uses For Backyard Herbs

Did you know you have a whole world of possibilities in your yard?   For a minor investment of time and money, you can start your own herb garden. Herbs have been commonly used in everyday living for thousands of years. You can take advantage of herbal benefits to disinfect surfaces, better your health, and […]

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How to Stay Well This Winter

You don’t catch a cold in the wintertime – colds catch you. Prevention is key to thwarting the winter’s chill and protecting yourself from the decrease in temperatures.   To help you prepare for and stay healthy during the upcoming cold winter months, here are some natural preventive ways to maintain your winter wellness. Get […]

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6 Natural Ways to Lower Internal Pain and Reduce Inflammation

Unlike a visual scar or broken arm, it’s hard for people to notice when you have aches in your body. To make it worse, inflammation means more than dealing with wretched internal discomfort because the pain also affects your mood. Unless you verbally tell others about your situation, they won’t know you’re suffering. Fortunately, the […]

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3 Natural Ways to Treat Common Skin Problems

  Cruel weather, an imbalance of vitamins, and stress are all factors that contribute to common skin conditions. When not properly dealt with, skin conditions can leave unwanted and annoying discolorations and itching on the face and body.   While the natural treatments we share below will not eliminate common skin problems completely—like inflammation, itchy […]

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5 Delightful Brain-Boosting Drinks

With the right nutrients in your diet, you can overcome sluggishness, enhance your memory, and improve your body’s natural health. You might think healthy eating requires you to eat less-than-flavorful foods, but with the brain-boosting drinks below, you can enjoy a pleasant tasting treat and still get a full spectrum of health benefits. Here are […]

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3 Unhealthy Snacks Your Body Hates You For

  Do you ever notice how things seem so calm when you first wake up in the morning?   The start of the day is peaceful and calm. There’s less noise around you, and no one pressures you to do anything.   Fast forward to a few hours after sunrise when you’re faced with errands, […]

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How to Make Sure You’re Eating Natural Foods

Shopping for healthy food is one of the most difficult things to do when you’re trying to eat better. So many temptations! Here are some of our favorite tips for buying organic, healthy food. We do these things ourselves, and they’re very helpful. Shop the perimeter of the store. Typically, natural foods lie along the […]

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Take Personal Responsibility for Your Health!

  We rely on each other. Many people look to others to provide for them in every area of life, and health care is no different. Patients put all their faith in their doctors and don’t assume responsibility for themselves. Doctors are amazingly dedicated people, and we don’t want to appear to belittle them—far from […]

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