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7 Ways to Sneak Exercise into Your Busy Day

    Adult life means that you’re most likely perpetually busy—from work to family obligations, exercise takes a back burner. But luckily, you can still sneak exercise into your hectic schedule.   Whether you’re a single parent, or someone with a demanding job, there is more than one way to keep your body moving and […]

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The Most Beneficial Exercise in North Carolina

    What’s the most beneficial exercise in North Carolina? In this article, I’ll answer that question; however, I want to address exercise in general before I move any further.   The most beneficial form of exercise works in two ways:   #1 It should improve your physical wellbeing, enhance muscle strength, keep you at […]

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5 Exercise Strategies for People with Desk Jobs

  If you have a desk job, you’re officially sedentary for much of the day, which will inevitably take a toll on your health. From weight gain to higher stress levels, sedentary jobs can put a dent in your exercise routine.   While you can exercise after work, you’re still tired at the end of […]

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