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3 Exercise Habits to Avoid for Healthy Digestion

There’s no denying that exercise is both an essential and (usually) enjoyable component of living a healthy life. That said–it has to be done right. Unfortunately, if you aren’t properly informed, exercise can take an unhealthy toll on your body and do more harm than good. If you already deal with digestive issues, you may […]

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The Impact of Stress on Your Digestive System

Have you ever had a stomach ache when preparing to give a public speech…   Or felt suddenly nauseous before a big sports game…   Or have your bowel movements gotten out of whack when going through a stressful period at work?   There’s a reason we often use the phrase “gut-wrenching” when making stressful […]

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The Connection between Stress and Acid Reflux

Did I pay that bill? Is my spouse angry with me? Am I performing my best at work?   Every day, we face situations, questions, and dilemmas that create stress in our bodies…and that negative energy doesn’t simply disappear without consequences.   Chronic stress can cause or exacerbate a multitude of physical health problems, including […]

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4 Summer Recipes for Acid Reflux Sufferers

It’s summertime, and the living is easy… and delicious! Who doesn’t love taking advantage of the in-season fruits and vegetables, or occasions to indulge in potato salad and blueberry pie at a family gathering?   If you suffer from Acid Reflux and GERD, you know all too well that indulging in certain dishes (such as […]

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3 Acid Reflux Risk Factors to Be Aware Of

Maybe you grew up hearing a parent complain about constant heartburn.   Or perhaps your best friend is always popping TUMS after meals to help with her indigestion.   If you know someone who suffers from GERD and acid reflux–particularly if it’s a blood relation–you may wonder what factors can make you susceptible to potentially […]

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