Costs of Health CareThe American health care system focuses on managing symptoms and illness. There is very little emphasis on prevention. It is truly “disease care” instead of health care. Each segment of the industry, from hospitals to medical supply houses, is in business to make a profit. They cannot profit from you if you’re healthy or if you’re dead, so they want to keep you in the middle… not healthy but still alive.

Our health care system is broken, and it’s deemed successful by the profits it generates, not by how many people are healthy. Perhaps “health avoidance system” is a more fitting description.

Is there a better way?


Follow the path of natural health with us and step outside the health insurance / health system maze.

As you may or may not know, we do not accept insurance. If you want health, insurance will not pay for anything that gets you healthy. What you have is more sickness and illness. You need to step outside the insurance model and make an investment in your health.

Putting money up front to take care of your health long term is actually more cost-beneficial than continuing trips to doctors and specialists with insurance premiums every year. For example, let’s say you have a few health issues, such as being 25 lbs. overweight with sleep apnea and stomach problems. You’ve decided it’s time to become healthier and take care of yourself.

Let’s look at what happens under the health insurance model over 6 months. Depending on your location and your health insurance company, these numbers may be low.

  • Health insurance premiums: $150 per month ($900)
  • Copays for one visit to primary care physician ($35), intake with lab work ($200), and six visits to a gastroenterologist: $50 per visit ($585 total)
  • Copay for sleep study: $50
  • Prescription copays for stomach meds and CPAP: $50 per month ($300)
  • Copays for 2 trips to the emergency room for stomach problems (assuming your insurance has ER copays and doesn’t make you pay entire cost as deductible) $250 per ($500)
  • One of the ER trips turns into an overnight hospital stay for testing and observation. You have a $5,000 deductible and 20% co-insurance. The bill is $10,000, and your share is $6,000 (the entire deductible and $1,000 of the remaining $5,000).

Total: $8,335

Result: You’ve lost a few pounds and the sleep apnea is better, but you hate the CPAP mask and still have stomach issues, though they are a little less frequent. Nothing has truly been resolved, only managed.


If you approach these issues from a natural health care standpoint:

  • Initial visit and testing: $500
  • 6-month treatment plan: $400
  • Supplements and healthier foods: $100 a month ($600) more than you currently pay for groceries, which includes money saved by not going out to eat four times a week and not eating junk food anymore.

Total: $1,500

Result: You’ve lost the extra 25 lbs., your sleep apnea is practically gone, and your stomach problems are now nonexistent. As long as you stick to taking the supplements and eating the good food, habits that are well established after 6 months, you should have no further issues with your weight, apnea, or stomach.

Which is the better deal financially PLUS has a better outcome for your health?

The #1 cause of bankruptcy in the United States is medical bills stemming from an unexpected trip to the hospital. When you manage your health naturally, you’re much less likely to need a hospital stay unless you’re in an accident. Catastrophic health insurance is always an option if you feel you cannot go without insurance.

Again, which way would you prefer to go with your health?

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Let’s invest a little in your health now so you don’t have to spend thousands later.