My husband was diagnosed with adult Type 2 diabetes by his medical doctor. His blood sugar reading was in the high 600’s and he was quite ill. The medical doctor started him on insulin shots twice a day and told him to just cut out sugar and watch his carbohydrates The doctor spend no tine at all explaining any facts of details about this disease and had him turned over to the nurse practitioner. The doctor told my husband that he could possibly come off of insulin sometime in the future but not for quite a while and he’d always be diabetic. Needless to say, my husband became depressed and worried about being able to travel and meet the demands of a new job he had just started.

A visit to Dr. Michael Smith, naturopathic physician, immediately, put my husband at ease about his health situation with facts and information that gave him hope and a plan. Dr. Smith spent a very long first visit explaining every detail he could give in very understandable language. He listened intently to every concern that my husband had and asked many questions to set forth a plan. Dr. Smith is very professional and very thorough. His concern was for my husband to get healthy in regard to this particular diagnosis but more importantly to get healthy for his entire future. Dr. Smith doesn’t just address the symptoms but rather the whole person so that a quality of health can be achieved in a very methodical plan that is easy to follow. Dr. Smith made my husband want to “get on board” to living a health lifestyle that will bring well-being he’d never thought attainable.

With the proper supplements that my husband was deficient in, and also with a very exact diet regime designed to lower his blood sugar as well as get the insulin resistance overcome, he was able to get down to the low 200’s in blood sugar in only 3 days. My husband was able to confidently attend a very important work convention out of town and follow his health regime laid out by Dr. Smith with no problem. The blood sugars actually came even lower.

Dr. Smith gave my husband the reason and motivation to exercise 30 minutes a day because of this wonderful explanation of how all factors affected blood sugar and glucose in the body. Dr. Smith has great follow-up appointments and keeps close tabs by having my husband fill out detailed charts of his menus and blood sugar readings. It is evident that Dr. Smith truly cares about helping his patients gain health and reach the highest state of well-being possible. In one week, he was off of the insulin shots and feeling better than he had felt in years. He thought he was just old and could never have energy but with Dr. Smith’s great explanations about nutrition and proper eating, my husband is enjoying health he never even expected. He has lost weight which has already added the benefit of ending his snoring at night. No longer does he fall asleep in his chair after dinner each night. All of this after two weeks of care by Dr. Smith ranks as a miracle in our eyes!! He has enjoyed 3 straight days of sugar readings in the high 80’s or low 90’s.

We will never be able to thank Dr. Smith for his superb and professional help for my husband. The immediate crisis of diabetes has been addressed in a supremely professional manner and now my husband will continue to work with Dr. Smith until he can maintain on his own a new excellent state of health.