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What Testing Do You Do?

At Carolinas Natural Health Center our Naturopathic Physician, Drs. Michael Smith, has the ability to offer most standard blood tests. If you have had recent blood work from your other doctors we would like to review these with you as they may often provide us with insights into your current health concerns.

In addition, there are numerous tests that can be ordered that are not as prevalent in mainstream medicine. These tests are utilized by naturopathic doctors and other progressive healthcare providers to help discover causative factors of disease and aid in the recovery of health.

Let’s discuss several of these:

  • Urinary neurotransmitter testing can be helpful in identifying one or more biochemical imbalances that could be causing anxiousness, attention issues, poor mood, fatigue, or difficulties with sleep.
  • Saliva hormonal testing is used for a variety of both male and female health concerns that may be caused by hormonal imbalances or deficiencies. These may include fatigue, low libido, irregular menstruation, or headaches.
  • Stool analysis is beneficial for gastrointestinal issues, auto-immune diseases, concerns of nutrient absorption and digestion as well as complaints of abdominal pain or discomfort, gas, or bloating.
  • Intra-cellular analysis of vitamins and minerals can identify specific nutrient deficiencies.
  • Food sensitivity testing through the blood can be very valuable to understand which foods may be causing symptoms of attention issues, skin rashes, poor digestion and an increased allergic state.

There are many other tests that are available to help discover the causes of someone’s dis-ease, or to assess the effectiveness of a new therapy. These are just a few of the many options at the disposal of the doctors at Carolinas Natural Health Center.

The labs that perform these tests have been carefully selected by our naturopathic physicians based on reputation of the company and quality of results. These specialized tests may offer new insight into conditions that have been unsuccessfully addressed with previous approaches.

Drs. Michael Smith tests when appropriate or indicated. There are no set tests that are done for everyone. We are able to make individual suggestions based on your health history and review of your present concerns.

If you’d like to find out more about how a specific test may assist in achieving optimal health, please call to schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation: 704-708-4404.