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I don’t have any health problems. Do you work with people who are healthy?

The answer is absolutely yes! The quotation “prevention is better than cure” by Desiderius Erasmus is one of the founding philosophical principles of naturopathic medicine. Naturopathic physicians are specialists in preventative healthcare. We use education and healthy lifestyle support to achieve more optimal wellbeing for the people we work with.

Additionally, we are the leading authorities in clinical nutrition and natural supplements including herbs, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. There are many different products sold in health food stores and on the internet, and the information about them can be very confusing! If you’d like expert advice on whether a natural product you are taking is appropriate for you, a naturopathic physician is a great resource.

The following are several scenarios why seeing a naturopathic doctor may be a good choice for overall health and prevention of disease:

– What are good food choices?

– What is the quality of this supplement and should I be taking it?

– Should I be taking a multivitamin? If so, what are good brands?

– What can I do now to reduce my risk for osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease?

We strive towards empowering patients to achieve optimal health. Call to inquire about our Wellness Consultations – designed for people who are healthy and want to ensure they stay that way.

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