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My life has completely turned around!

Within 6 weeks of following the program. I turned a corner. My life has completely turned around! I have fun. I have loads of energy. Life is good again!

-Linda Jo F.

I can do things I couldn't before

I am now able to do interval running- when before I could barely get up half a flight of stairs! I’m enjoying life now! I can do things I couldn’t before. I feel so much better!

– Annie W.

Life changing

By 7th grade, our son had missed so much time at school due to his illnesses that the absences had totaled an entire year! We finally bought our son to Dr. Smith. It has been life changing! This year, he has only missed 2 days due to a common cold! I just don’t have enough words to say how life changing it’s been!

Trina and Doug M.

Less stress

The weight just started coming off! I’ve lost 50 pounds! I also have less stress. Before I was a level 10 in stress- and now I’m steady at a 2.

-Tiffany F

Totally blessed

I feel totally blessed by working with Dr. Smith. He has helped me all through this. He has given me the hope that I can be there for my children and grandchildren.
-Debbie B

The staff at CNHC is the best!

I was pre diabetic when I came here. I am no longer pre diabetic. My osteoporosis is better. The staff at CNHC is the best!

-Lydia P

So much more than a "doctor's office!"

This place has been much more that a “doctor’s office;” it has become a special and encouraging community of people. I have felt blessed along this journey and incredibly cared for!

– Hillary D.


Today is the day to start on the path toward better health. We invite you to learn more about what we do and how we treat our patients at Carolinas Natural Health Center.