Springtime fitness revolves around reevaluating your health-related goals, reinforcing good habits, and staying on track. Because spring is a time of renewal, it’s the ideal excuse to finally get in shape or pull yourself back onto an established regimen.

The weather is changing, the sun is shining, and green is returning to the trees—making outdoor fitness a pleasant alternative to staying inside. Running in winter isn’t an activity most people embrace, and the colder seasons of the month are often an excuse for many to take a break from staying fit. But now that it’s spring it’s time to get back on track.

It’s easy to squeeze fitness activities into busy schedules and now that’s finally spring, you can take full advantage of working out while on the go. You’ll save time without sacrificing your wellness.

Commit to short intervals of high-intensity exercises

If spring means more work and less free time for you, we covered 7 short workouts that count big—to help you get into shape without breaking your schedule.

Anyone can fit in brief walks, sprints, and short-interval workouts in between house chores or work tasks. It’s a matter of staying consistent with your fitness regimen that makes it effective for long-term results.

Stand and walk more while at work

Even if you’re stuck in the office all day, you still have the opportunity to work on your fitness and health. Staying active by staying on your feet can be a big contributor to a healthier lifestyle in the workplace.

Jobs that require prolonged periods of sitting benefit from frequent standing breaks. Standing while you hold meetings, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and walking to someone’s office rather than emailing them are all ways to work activity into an otherwise sedentary workday.

Start small when jump-starting your fitness regimen

It’s tempting to set lofty fitness goals but if you want to avoid injury or feeling burned out right away, it’s important to start small. If you want to run, start with walking or jogging—don’t set out to run a 5k your first time out. Safety is paramount when starting a new fitness regimen. Begin at a comfortable pace and gradually build upon your workouts.

Working on your health through fitness is a simple way to live an active life and maintain general wellness. Staying fit also helps reduce stress, blood pressure, and depression. Use spring to feel good about yourself and improve your health. Contact us at Carolinas Natural Health if you need a little push in getting spring fit.