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There’s no miracle cure to staying healthy. Natural health results require consistency over time. Even though the CNH team can help you come up with a plan for long-term wellness, it’s up to you to follow through.

Temptation, like the air we breathe, is everywhere around us. From that second slice of pie to the skipping regular exercises, temptation has the power to lure us away from maintaining good health. A little indulgence is good from time to time, but it can easily get out of hand.

When you want to avoid temptation to stay on track with your health, you need advice that’s practical. Here are five “tricks” you can do to your thought process that help you avoid the things that have negative effects on your body and keep you on track to reaching your goals.

1. Focus on the Positive Outcome

This simple trick keeps you focused on your desired result, instead of staying distracted by what’s keeping you from reaching those goals.

For example, instead of saying, “I shouldn’t have that a second serving of dinner,” say, “I am eating healthy. I will feel better if I let my food settle. Then, I will reassess how I feel.”

This works for any bad habit you’re trying to rid yourself of, like staying up too late at night. By reminding yourself of what you’re trying to do, you won’t get caught up in the things you must avoid.

2. Identify the Temptation

The next time you feel a pull toward something, take a moment and figure out why you’re being pulled in that direction.

For example, if you feel to need to over abuse something (e.g., alcohol or coffee), identify the reason why you feel the need to do so. Is it because you’re lonely, do not sleep enough, or are unhappy with your life? Whatever the reason may be, there is always a healthier way to deal with it.

3. Remove Temptation “Triggers”

Simply put: if you don’t have access to temptation, you are less likely to pursue it. This means getting rid of unhealthy foods in your home.

It could also mean putting treats out of reach so you have to make an effort to get to them. For example: put a jar of cookies on the highest shelf in your kitchen—one that’s high enough that you require a ladder to get to it—or place it in the trash. Removing triggers—or making them less accessible—means you’re less likely to binge when temptation beckons.

4. Get Friends to Support You

Since temptation is a universal concept, everybody has to deal with it. What better way is there to resist temptation and counter an unhealthy part of life than to partner up with a friend or two?

The company you keep plays a large part in your habits. To get the full support of your friends, tell them what your goals are for natural health. Also, let them know it’s okay to remind you about your goals and important upcoming milestones. You’d be surprised how a simple text message from a friend saying, “Did you workout today?” plays a role in your wellness.

5. Use the 15-minute Rule

The next time temptation calls, wait 15 minutes and see if it goes away. If it does, the temptation was merely a craving—and you can overcome these cravings by letting them disintegrate over time.

What do you do if the temptation exists after 15 minutes?

See Tips 1 and 2 and figure out what’s the real reason behind the desire, so you can find a healthier alternative to satisfying it.

Temptation will always try to lure you off your path. With these 5 ways to resist temptation, these “tricks,” you can train your mind to resist unhealthy impulses. While a little indulgence is okay from time to time, it only becomes a problem if your cravings become habits.

The next time you feel temptation calling, review this article and resist the urge. If you think this article would help your friends, please share it on social media so more people can benefit and stay on track with a natural health plan!