Renew Weight LossWe all know healthy eating is one way to help your body lose weight, but you can also slim down in ways that have nothing to do with food. We’ve picked five of the simplest and best natural weight loss helpers.


When you’re having fun, you move. We’re not talking about the dreaded “e” word (exercise), but getting out of the house and doing new things. Enjoy yourself as much as possible in your free time, and you’ll find yourself moving more. Play! Go hiking, try a new outdoor activity, or take dance lessons. Fun also helps relieve stress (see below).


Staying hydrated is one important step you can take to keep your weight down. Water flushes toxins from your body and helps you feel full. When we feel hungry, it’s often because we’re dehydrated. When hunger hits, drink a glass of water and wait half an hour to see if the urge to eat disappears.


Several studies have shown that many overweight people simply don’t get enough sleep each night. Sleep apnea is a common cause of sleep deprivation. Symptoms include snoring, not feeling rested when you wake up, and feeling sleepy during the day. If you think this might be an issue for you, ask your doctor to prescribe a sleep study.

Nutritional supplements

All of us benefit from a good multivitamin supplement to give our bodies the vitamins and trace minerals that we need to operate at maximum energy and efficiency. In addition, when you work with us, we’ll identify specific supplements that will help you in your health goals, no matter what they might be.


When your body or mind is stressed, it cannot function optimally, which means that weight loss is more difficult. When you relax, your body naturally works the way it was designed to. Determine three ways you can relax when stress takes its toll. You might decide to try yoga, take up a new hobby, learn to knit, or simply do some deep breathing exercises.

Having more than one stress reliever is ideal because the more methods you can use to relax, the faster and easier it will be to give stress the boot.

Your body’s natural state is not overweight. We participate in a physician-guided, real-food weight loss plan that we know you’ll love. Check it out here.