by Michael T. Smith

I have a friend who was wondering what your thoughts were about preventing chronic ear infections in her 4 year old daughter.

I often find that it is related to a food sensitivity or reaction. It is important to identify any foods that could be causing this. This can be done through an elimination/challenge diet – where many of the potential reactive foods are removed from the diet for 2 weeks and then slowly reintroduced to see what reactions may occur, or through a simple blood test that we offer.

Another important aspect to support is the gut – this is where most of the immune system is. I would guess that this child has been on multiple rounds of antibiotics and has not sufficiently replenished their levels of good bacteria in their digestive tract. This in itself can leave them more susceptible to future ear infections. As well this can lead to further food sensitivities, which causes more ear infections. In addition to good quality, high potency probiotics like the HMF brand that we recommend, I would also suggest omega-3 essential fatty acids, Vitamin D (actually not a vitamin, but a very important hormone that is essential for proper immune function), and of course Juice Plus+.

I typically treat kids like this with homeopathy, which involves an in-depth intake to understand their specific symptoms and identify the indicated remedy. The goal of homeopathy is to correct the underlying susceptibility so that she no longer develops ear infections and her overall health is improved. Homeopathy treats the whole person so any other health concerns would also improve.

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My best,

Michael T. Smith, ND
Naturopathic Physician