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Even if you avoid using chemically-laden products and you live in a really clean place, the air inside your home is full of contaminants, volatile organic compounds and harmful gases. And you breathe them all in – day and night.

What an irony! We come in from the outdoors to avoid air pollution, feeling that we’ll be safer inside our own homes. Well, it’s not so. When we are indoors, the need to protect our lungs becomes even more critical, because there are over 580 identified airborne contaminants inside our homes. You read that right, 580. Is there a solution?

Yes, and your trusted natural health center has it now. It’s the ICON, the whole-house clean air delivery system from American Innovative Research Corp., and we’re making it available at our center because we’re committed to empowering you. We want you to have the answer to a better quality of life  – without having to rely on pills and drugs.

Using advanced cleanroom technology, yourICON continuouslysterilizes fresh air before introducing it into your home, while also pushing out all types of airborne contamination, micro-contamination, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and harmful gases.

We all have the opportunity to make some good choices. As a believer in naturopathic medicine, you understand the importance of regaining control over your wellness decisions. Choose the ICON, and celebrate life.

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“Since I have been using the unit, I’m sleeping better at night and wake up less congested. I definitely noticed the difference immediately. I can feel the difference in my lungs and my breathing. I’m feeling better when I am in my house because it is making a positive impact. My wife also suffers from allergies. The ICON eliminates the harmful triggers and brings in sterile air. I’m very pleased with the ICON clean air delivery system.”-RH



The ICON’s unique ability to replace the contaminated air in a home with cleaned air goes well beyond what all other products can do, which is just to filter the air of some contaminants, and then re-circulate the same stale air, over and over. The advanced technology embedded in the ICON design is the same cleanroom technology recommended by the National Institute of Health (NIH) the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Homeland Security and the World Heath Organization to protect people from the dangers of indoor airborne pollution in the most advanced research laboratories and hospitals through the world.