Ever wonder why those New Years Resolutions are so hard to keep? Year after year you may have promised yourself that you will eat right, exercise, and lose those extra pounds. Yet by March or April, your motivation dwindles and you are left planning to restart your weight loss program the following year.

This year though, it can be different by adding one simple element to your New Year�s resolution � a friend! Statistics have shown that friends who exercise together stay motivated and are ultimately more successful at achieving their weight loss goals.

There are several elements that friends add to your workout routine:

  1. Accountability � When setting your New Year�s Resolution, find a friend who has similar goals and hold each other accountable to those goals. It is always easier to stay motivated to go to the gym if you know someone is there waiting for you. Don�t let your friend down � head to the gym.
  2. Variety � Odds are you and your friend do not necessarily enjoy the same type of workout. Maybe you prefer stationary bikes and the treadmill and she enjoys yoga class. Exercising with a friend adds some variety to your workout. Focus on your favorite type of exercise one day and your friend�s favorite the next. The variety will not only keep things interesting, but it will also enhance your results.
  3. Safety � If you are into weight training in particular, having a friend to spot you is always a good idea. Plus, you can push yourself just a bit harder knowing that there is someone there making sure you stay safe.
  4. Fun � Exercising with a friend will only enhance your friendship and create a closer bond. Soon, the workouts will become more about spending time with each other and less about the workout that lies ahead.As the holidays begin to ramp up, start thinking about who your workout partner will be next year. Start exercising together now, get into a routine, and prepare to achieve your weight loss goals in 2010!