Reversing it is Possible with the Right Approach

Diabetes is a serious condition that can lead to kidney disease, amputation, heart disease, blindness,  and eventually death, but there is good news!  You can actually reverse your diabetes, lower your blood sugars and Hemoglobin A1C, get off some of your medications, and have more energy, all naturally.

The truth is that diabetes is a lifestyle illness, and with some lifestyle changes, it is completely possible to improve your health without having to constantly take medications or inject yourself with insulin.

With a systematic natural plan put in place, you will no longer have to feel sick or worry about losing your eyesight or toes. Better yet you will not have to rely on pumps and medications that simply worsen your condition and add fuel to the fire as they stimulate your pancreas to make too much insulin.

Our focus is to help you and reverse your diabetes so you can regain control of your health. This is entirely possible without medications.

If you’re ready to take a different approach to your health, want to put an end to the madness of taking pills and injecting yourself with insulin, and are ready to address and treat the root cause of your diabetes, I invite you to fill out the form below to take your next step toward better health.

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What Patients Are Saying

“I did my blood work this month and my A1C level was 6.2, within the normal range. That means it dropped from 13.3 in 3 months (without medication). I just want to thank you for your sage advice, medical knowledge, encouragement and for seeing and hearing me. You are a blessing in my life.” – Fields H.

“I have had success maintaining normalized blood sugar levels thanks to Carolinas Natural Health Center.” – Angela Bauldree

“I was greeted by a most professional staff and Dr. Smith actually came to the reception area and introduced himself to begin the most amazing doctors appointment that I have ever experienced. Dr. Smith met with me for over two hours on that initial visit and I did most of the talking! His questions lead us both to a much better understanding of my particular situation and his suggestions and approach led me to an entirely new way of thinking about my health and well being.” – Ed Maddox