My experience with The Carolinas Natural Health Center has been absolutely stellar!

Upon experiencing some health problems that I perceived to be very unusual and serious, I was given numerous “cocktails” of prescription drugs to “try” by my “regular” Doctor. I had the feeling that my “regular” Doctor was throwing darts to come up with an answer to my concerns and was not completely willing to listen to me or to give much thought to an actual diagnosis.

I was uneasy about being involved in a guessing game when it came to my health. Upon further investigation I found out about Dr. Michael Smith and The Carolinas Natural Health Center. Out of desperation and a strong desire not to become a slave to so many prescriptions, as many of my acquaintances are, I decided it would be worth it to drive the 110 miles from my home to see Dr. Smith.

I was greeted by a most professional staff and Dr. Smith actually came to the reception area introduce himself and to begin the most amazing Doctors appointment that I have ever experienced. Dr. Smith met with me for over two hours on that initial visit and I did most of the talking! His questions lead us both to a much better understanding of my particular situation and his suggestions and approach led me to an entirely new way of thinking about my health and well being.

Naturally, I was a little bit suspect when he gave me “all natural” solutions to my concerns, but I had come this far and I was confident enough in his manner and demeanor to at least take his advice and do as he suggested. Well, he has made a believer out of me!

After a short period of time and a couple of more visits and phone calls (yes you can actually speak with him on the phone) I am feeling so much better that I still can hardly believe it! I’m not sure how (and I don’t need to be) but his Doctoring has really worked well for me. I am now feeling so much better and have such a bright outlook on “natural medicine” that I regularly count my blessings for having come in contact with Dr. Smith and his great staff.

I am looking forward to Dr. Smith being a major part of my health care and well being for a very long time no matter how far I have to drive to see him!