Fresh foods and convenience are not always synonymous. Often, portable foods mean foods that have preservatives or are high in salt.

If you’re making the most of the summer, you’re likely on the go a lot and need portable foods to take with you. Make it easier to stay away from the drive-thru by packing healthy foods that stay fresh, even when they’re not refrigerated.

Dehydrated Foods

You can buy dehydrated fruit, vegetables, and even some meat products. This process preserves many of the nutrients found within the food and makes them shelf-stable.

Dried apricots and apples are very popular. It’s just important to monitor how much dehydrated foods you eat, especially fruit. Dried fruit is high in sugar, so be careful with portion sizes.

You can even dehydrate your own fruits and vegetables with a dehydrator. Using a dehydrator preserves fresh summer fruits and veggies long into the winter.

Fresh Fruit

Many fresh fruits do not have to be refrigerated, making them ideal candidates to throw in your bag and just go.

However, be careful with bananas and other fruits with soft peels. Anyone who has experienced a squashed brown banana in her purse can tell you why bananas make bad portable fruits.

Canned Foods

If you’re committed to a healthy diet, you may limit the amount of canned foods you consume on a regular basis, as many of these foods contain preservatives, metals, and salt.

However, not all canned foods are bad, especially when considering your on-the-go alternative…fast food.

Canned tuna in water or canned chicken is extremely portable. You can make your own salad kits with cans by taking a small container of olive oil and vinegar and some whole-wheat crackers with you.

Healthy Bagged Snacks

Not all prepackaged snacks are equal. While it is true there are plenty of packaged snacks that are pure junk food, there are some healthy foods, too.

Check out your local health foods store for healthy nut mixes, granola bars, and sweet potato chips.

If you’re committed to a healthier lifestyle, contact us today for a consultation on how we can help take your nutritional plans to a new level.