Human beings are made up of 70% water. That said, water intake is incredibly important for our bodies to function properly.


When the water you drink is dirty or contaminated, it can do more damage than good for your body. And that’s why water filtration is so important.


The great news is that there are many things you can do to make sure your water is safe and purified before consumption.


Keep reading to discover more about why water filtration is important and what you can do to keep your body safe when consuming water.


The Dangers of Unfiltered and Unpurified Water


Most of our drinking water comes from the ground. It’s completely natural, and there is nothing wrong with collecting water to drink from the earth.


However, because it comes from the ground, it usually contains harmful substances that are found in the earth. Check out a handful of the common chemicals and substances found in water…



While water goes through a cleaning process before it reaches our faucets, the process does not always catch everything. And sadly, over years of drinking water tainted with harmful substances, you can develop illnesses and diseases.


Avoid Drinking Unhealthy Water with Water Filtration


Buy a Water Filter for Your Sink


One of the easiest ways to ensure you’re drinking the cleanest water possible is by purchasing a water filter.


Water filters are made to fit on your faucets and are typically easy to install. Many filters are also budget-friendly. Simply purchase the water filter, attach it to your faucet, and instantly have cleaner water.


Activated carbon filters work well for removing organic pollutants like insecticides, herbicides, and PCBs.


They also remove chlorine and many other chemicals.


If you don’t want to purchase a faucet filter, you can use a water container that filters the water for you. Anything similar to a Britta water pitcher will work.


Drink Revitalized Water


Revitalized water is water that comes from a natural source that maintains its vitality and energy.


Revitalized water that has been redynamized on the molecular level is easily able to  absorb oxygen and it loses surface tension. It therefore becomes softer and more fluid.


It’s also healthy for the body at the minerals that remain suspended in such water and make it hard are carried away in the water instead of being deposited on the walls of blood vessels or water pipe.


You can purchase revitalized water at the grocery store, or invest in special filters that will revitalize your water at home.


Use Water Cleansing Tablets


Most sporting good stores sell water cleansing tablets that disinfect and help purity water.


If you’re out camping for the week or live in a remote location, your water source might come from a river or lake. And natural bodies of water may contain live bacteria and viruses.


Water purification tablets are designed to quickly and conveniently kill bacteria and microorganisms in water. This helps prevent cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and other water-born diseases.


Use UV Light


If you have access to UV light, you can easily use it to kill microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses that live in water.


Using this method, you can destroy pathogens, such as E. coli and Salmonella, without having to add chemicals, such as chlorine. And the less chemicals you consume, the better.


If you’re using UV light, please remember to also use a filter for water filtration. The UV light can’t destroy harmful medals and other substances in your water.


You can purchase UV lamps for water purification and learn how to properly disinfect your water online.


Drink Kangen Water


At our office, we enjoy drinking kangen water.


Kangen water is reduced ionized water that is created after municipal or other potable water is run through their proprietary ionizer units.


The main reported health benefit is derived by drinking the alkaline water that is produced through ionization, typically in the 8.5pH to 9.5pH range. Both humans and pets can use it safely.


To find kangan water for your home or office, look up kangen water distributors in your area.


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