You and your significant other have made a commitment to try and eat healthier this year. Now that Valentine’s Day is upon us, you may think that commitment means you’ll be staring at each other over a bed of dry greens.


It doesn’t have to be that way. Assuming you can get the grandparents to take the kids for the evening, we have you covered for a decadent, romantic, and diet-friendly night in.


Here are some of our favorite healthy Valentine’s Dinner recipes. You supply the candles.

For starters

Don’t jump straight to the main part of the meal. Appetizers not only build anticipation for the later course, they also help you to slow down and can assist in regulating your portion control.


Grab a glass of hearty-healthy red wine and ease into your Valentine’s Day dinner with one of these two delectable options:


Spanish Tapas-Inspired Mussels

This dish is as delightful to look at as it is to eat. The fresh mussels combine with garlic, chickpeas, pimentos, and herbs to make your heart skip a beat. It’s just like the first time you two went on a date.


Full recipe at Everyday Health.


Mediterranean Baked Sweet Potatoes


The natural flavor of the sweet potatoes with Mediterranean herbs counterbalance each other in this simple yet tantalizing appetizer option for two.


Full recipe at Minimalist Baker.


The main dish

Eating light doesn’t mean missing out on great flavor and feeling satisfied. Here are two healthy options for your romantic meal’s centerpiece.


Apple Sage Chicken Meatloaf (with mashed cauliflower)

Don’t let the term “meatloaf” throw you off: this delicious recipe is as far from your mother-in-law’s ground beef and ketchup dinner as you can imagine.  With sauteed apples, fresh veggies, and some dijon mustard, this lean but flavorful meal might just become a regular at the family dinner table!


Full recipe at Vitamin Sunshine.


Mediterranean Salmon

You may not be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day at a romantic villa in Tuscany, but there’s no reason you can’t bring the romance to the dining room table. Light and savory at the same time, this healthy meal is one you can enjoy without guilt and with plenty of energy for after dinner.


Full recipe at Simply Fresh Dinners.


The final touch

We tend to combine fruit with massive amounts of sugar and flour to create desserts, but fruit alone (or with a small amount of careful toppings) can make a fabulous alternative for your after-dinner sweet tooth.


Best of all, these recipes take very common fruit and turn them into an exotic dessert option, the perfect way to end your healthy, romantic dinner.


Grilled Apples with Cheese

That’s right, apples and cheese come together as an unlikely pair, but end up a delicious dessert couple. Top with nuts and a bit of honey, then serve on one plate with two forks. Or just one fork for more intimate sharing.


Full recipe at Everyday Health.


Pear Crisps

This one is a Carolinas Natural Health classic! The secret ingredient is fresh ginger to add a bit of zest to the end of the meal. You can grab the full recipe here.


Whether you’re celebrating a new relationship or one that’s stood the test of time, you can enjoy a delectable, romantic dinner at home while also giving a little love to your health.