Our son, Chris was born with asthma and had been a sickly child the first 16 years of his life. He was always catching colds which would aggravate his asthma. We lived in Michigan at the time. The cold air was hard on his breathing so we moved to the warmer temperatures of North Carolina to help him.

But Chris still got sick 3-4 times a year. If someone in his class had a cold, Chris caught it. If someone came in to our house with a little cold, Chris caught it. It would start out as a sinus infection then go into his chest and trigger a chest cold. As a result, he missed a ton of school.

As Chris was growing up, the pediatricians told us that he would probably outgrow his childhood asthma. But here he was at age 16 and still suffering from colds and asthma symptoms. Recently the doctors were telling us that Chris would probably have to deal with frequent sinus infections and chest colds the rest of his life.

That news put us in desperate mode. We didn’t want our son to have to be on and off antibiotics his entire life! I honestly consider it a blessing from God that day in February when I happened to be watching WTVI’ Healthwise program and saw Dr. Michael Smith talking about homeopathy and naturopathic medicine. I made an appointment for Chris to see him right away.

Dr. Smith put Chris on a homeopathic remedy, and a daily regimen of Juice Plus. When needed Chris also uses a neti pot to clean out his sinuses. He also takes acidophilus in powered form to build up the good bacteria in his body that had been stripped away from years of taking antibiotics.

Chris has had the occasional chest cold and asthma since April 2007 but his body is so much stronger now and he has been able to get better on his own without taking any antibiotics. That is a vast improvement from the old days.

Homeopathy and Dr. Smith has improved Chris life immeasurably. Our entire family is so grateful.