yogaBattling stress is one of the leading causes of acid reflux flare-ups.

When you let stress overwhelm you and take over your life, your body reacts appropriately—and so does your acid reflux. Stress, anxiety, and even fear sometimes cause an abundance of stomach acid.

When you suffer from GERD or typical acid reflux due to other health factors, adding stress to the mix only makes the pain more severe.

Stress may not be the sole cause of your acid reflux, but learning how to manage your stress will help reduce the likelihood of flare-ups.

We care about your health and want to make the journey toward beating your acid reflux a reality. Here are 3 natural ways to deal with hectic living to minimize the impact stress has on your acid reflux.


Finding your center. Attaining a state of calm. Meditation brings you back to a mindset where stress melts away.

Meditation relaxes you physically, mentally, and emotionally—and when your body is relaxed, flare-ups occur less often. Meditation is something you can do at home or during a 5-minute break at work. All you need is quiet and a space to relax in.


If you enjoy relaxing in silence, then try massage therapy.

Massage therapy isn’t just for backaches and relaxation anymore—it’s also great for adjusting your mood and behavior. Massages help correct symptoms of stress, such as angry outbursts, restlessness, and anxiety. The wonderful thing about massages is that they target specific areas of the body, and there are multiple techniques a therapist could apply.

Hot stone massages, Swedish massage, and aromatherapy massage are all viable options, and each one offers something different.

Lifestyle Changes

For a solution closer to home, consider making some changes in your life. Look at your schedule to understand what might be triggering your stress. Identifying what makes you anxious or worried can lead to relief, so it’s important to decide what activities you can change or do without.

Leaving a stressful job will go a long way toward curbing negative feelings and anxiety.

If you’ve found ways to manage your stress and you’re still suffering from acid reflux flare-ups and GERD, contact us about the Cure Your Acid Reflux Program. Our physician-supervised program evaluates your symptoms and provides a custom approach to your specific needs and issues.