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Meditation is a practice where you train your mind to reach a state of consciousness, so you can promote relaxation, strengthen your internal energy, and develop your empathic emotions (i.e., compassion, generosity, and forgiveness).

The purpose of medication is to bring awareness to your day-to-day activities. Awareness is the first step to recovering from any illness or unwanted health issues you have; after all, if you don’t know it exists, how can you know what to fix?

You can use medication to help you with issues like high blood pressure, depression, sleeping problems, and anxiety. Meditation can done be while sitting, or through active body movements like yoga.

No matter who you are, meditation can help you. Many people enjoy meditating because it’s a natural and easy to do way to lower stress levels. Meditation can help you control your autonomic nervous system, which controls your flight or flight responses. When your autonomic nervous system is on “overdrive,” you’re likely to suffer from chronic anxiety, depression, or adrenal burnout. People who mediate are more likely to be able to control their autonomic nervous system.

There are many types of meditation. How do you know what type of meditation is for you? Consider the follow three types below to see a sample of the various types of meditation.

1. Mindfulness. Mindfulness is a type of meditation related to Buddhism. This type of meditation is about awareness. It focuses on ‘being in the present,’ so you can learn to accept, and let go of, your thoughts. This type focuses less on breathing, and more on thinking.

2. Transcendental Meditation. This is a type of meditation involves you using a single word—called a mantra—repeatedly. Transcendental meditation is done while sitting in a cross-legged position with a straight back. This type focuses on a 20 minute, daily practice.

3. Qi Gong. This type of meditation focuses on the breath. With Qi Gong, you circulate energy through your body in an oval pattern, creating energy to flow to your vital organs and chest. Even though Qi Gone is a circulatory type of meditation, it is not heart-based.

Finding the right meditation type depends on who you are. For example, your preferred meditation type will vary based on what your reason for meditation is. Are you meditation to reduce stress? To enhance your creative side? Lower chronic pain? To be more mindful about your day?

Regardless of what meditation type you choose, you’ll get a natural way to reduce stress levels and all associated problems with having high stress. For example, increased stress leads to a weakened immune system, heart disease, and achy joints and muscles.

Natural stress management is a service we provide at Carolina Natural Health. Similar to how meditation works, we can help you lower your stress levels, without the use of drugs. Book your free stress management session by calling (704) 708-4404 or emailing info@carolinasnaturalhealth.com.

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