3832927012_cf23edf6be_mMusic and brain health? It doesn’t take a doctor to realize that music has a calming effect on our brains.

Music energizes us and provides us with an almost instantaneous mood lift. While it may not take someone with a degree to realize this, the benefit of music on our mental wellbeing and even our lives is well documented.

Studies have shown that music influences the area of the brain responsible for the release of dopamine, a neurochemical associated with pleasure. Music also triggers a response in the amygdala—the part of the brain partially responsible for issuing emotional reactions.

An article from Everyday Health states “listeners get not only a feeling of pleasure from music, but emotional and intellectual stimulation, too.” This supports the positive impact music can play in our lives. From our favorite tunes on the radio to a song played at a wedding, music enhances the world around us to give its listeners one more way to connect.

Aside from affecting our emotions, music may also help heal the body and aid in its recuperation. eMed Expert wrote about the positive effect music has on the body, describing music’s ability to aid in pain relief, reduce blood pressure, and boost immunity.

Most important, music soothes.

Whether you’re at home, at work, or in the car, use music to calm yourself and ease tension if the pressures of life weigh on you. The type of music plays a large part in the effect it may have on you. Soft, melodic music is ideal for relaxation, while instrumental is conducive to a productive, intellectually stimulating effect.

You can use music to aid your sleeping, too. By playing music before and while you try to sleep, you’ll find drifting off much easier. One of our previous blogs showed you how music could even contribute to better digestion and help you eat less.

This article from in the LA Times includes four sample playlists to enhance your mood or get you into the spirit of your day.

For an in-depth understanding to how music impacts the brain, Psychology Today wrote an article that includes the effects of specific contemporary songs on our mood and brain.

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