Natural Medicinary


We offer natural products of the highest quality, including vitamins and supplements, homeopathic remedies, and botanicals. We order from reputable, highly regarded companies, many of which only sell to physicians.

If we feel that there is a product you would benefit from that we do not have in stock, we can specially order the item for you.

Although natural products generally have a fairly safe reputation, there are chemical substances that can interact negatively with other medications or if taken in the wrong amounts. For your safety, it is best to speak to a qualified practitioner before beginning new treatment regimes.

Our practitioners are well-trained in understanding the interactions and contraindications of nutritional supplements, herbal medicines and pharmaceutical drugs. Naturopathic doctors are the best qualified healthcare practitioner with this level of training.

Five Easy Ways to Purchase Your Supplements

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  2. Visit our office: get your supply at your next appointment or stop by any weekday.
  3. Phone your order in for pick up. 704-708-4404.
  4. Have your supplements shipped directly to you.

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