Measuring over 20 square feet, your skin provides protection from the environment, is your protective barrier against bacteria and microbes, helps to regulate your body temperature, aids in detoxification, and enables you experience the world around you through touch.

We often don’t think about our skin as an organ – but it is one of our most important.  Therefore, it is important to maintain healthy skin – beyond just the fine lines and wrinkles or dry, itchy patches.  Your skin is a vital organ which needs just as much care and attention as any other organ of your body.

I often tell patients to never put anything on your skin you wouldn’t be willing to eat! Anything you put onto your skin goes right into your body.  So think about the products you use: lotions, make-up, moisturizers, sunscreens, etc.  Read the ingredients, if they don’t sound like things you would eat – think twice about using it on your skin.

With no required safety testing, cosmetics companies can use almost any chemical they want, regardless of risks. Many cosmetics and skin care products contain harmful and toxic ingredients.  Read labels before you buy.  Here are some things to keep in mind:


  • DMDM, hydantoin and Imidazolidinyl urea: toxic contaminants
  • Fragrance and dyes: allergies, cancer, nervous system
  • Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone: allergies, nervous system
  • Parabens or “-paraben”: hormone effects
  • “PEG” and “-eth”: toxic contaminants
  • Sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate: skin damage, toxic contaminants
  • Triclosan and triclocarban: thyroid and environmental concerns
  • Triethanolamine (TEA): allergies, toxic contaminants

Safer shopping tips:

  • Use fewer, simpler products.
  • Don’t trust claims like “dermatologist-tested,” “natural,” or “organic.” Read the ingredient label instead.
  • Take label warnings seriously. They indicate hazardous chemicals.
  • Look up your products’ reviews at EWG’s

I have searched extensively for the best skin care line and I want to let you know – I found it!  Eminence is the best skin care line in the world.  Eminence organic and biodynamic products contain the highest possible levels of all-natural organically grown herbs, fruits and vegetables, hand-selected to guarantee their highest quality.  All of Eminence products are handmade in Hungary using 100% wind power and sustainable farming practices, so there is no mass production, no heating, no artificial color or fragrances, and no hydrogenating processes.

Eminence products are like a raw food diet for your skin!

Additionally, Carolinas Natural Health Center is now offering skin care treatments using the best products for your skin – Eminence.  Since what you put on your skin affects your health, I strongly believe in taking care of your skin and only using the safest products possible.

To learn more about our skin care services, ask to schedule a complimentary skin consultation and receive free products samples as a special gift.  We would also love to see you at our Love the Skin You’re in – Valentine’s Day event on February 5.

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