,alt="man with acid reflux"/>If you suffer from acid reflux, it’s important to learn how to eat to live, not live to eat.

According to a variety of medical and psychological studies, the two things people look forward to most in a day are food and sex.

Sex isn’t always a possibility, so often people will turn to food for comfort, to relax, or to celebrate an achievement.

It’s a natural predilection to do use food as an emotional processor.

While there’s nothing wrong with the occasional dinner out, it’s damaging to your health when food is used as an emotional crutch.

If you suffer from GERD, this is especially applies to you.

Of course, often after a long day at work, or if you’re under a lot of stress, it’s tempting to reach for something quick and easy. Microwavable meals and quick drive-thru options only agitate your acid reflux symptoms.

You might think the foods you’re eating are delicious and create happiness, but then your symptoms appear, and you suffer. You start realizing that the food you enjoy momentarily is not worth the hours of pain you experience.

If you feel the burn of acid reflux, it’s easy to change the way you think about food, and still enjoy it. When you eat to live—and not for comfort, convenience, or celebration—you’ll find that you have fewer GERD flare-ups and less guilt about your diet.

Find a New Way to Celebrate

Eat, drink, and be merry! Birthday cakes are customary, but it’s easy to find alternative celebration methods.

Go for a relaxing, leisurely walk on a Friday evening that concludes a particularly tough week. You’ll celebrate, and you’ll feel more alive. Don’t think of it as exercise – think of this walk as a reward.

Find the Tastiest Alternatives

Many people—not just those who suffer from acid reflux—love to cook. In fact, if you’re not so hot in the kitchen, it’s a healthful notion to hone your culinary skills when possible. Not to say you have to become five-star chef, but it helps to know your dietary limits and make delicious alternatives that soothe reflux.

Reflux Sufferers, the first step is to know your acid reflux triggers. The second step is to find alternatives to put in your recipes.

Get creative in the kitchen, and food will become fun, instead of a pain source.
If you don’t know which ingredients make your reflux fire up—and many people don’t—do yourself a favor, and get a food sensitivity test.

Food gives life, but it’s not life itself.

You’ll find walking, reading, or doing yoga much more rewarding than a greasy meal. Even though reflux-triggering foods are easy to come by, nothing worthwhile comes easily.

Don’t take the fast route; take the worthwhile route. And you’ll be glad you did. If you become aware that food gives life, then you’ll eat to live. There’s so much to celebrate with in this life—bad foods can wait.

Do you know which foods trigger reflux in your body?
Identify and avoid reflux triggers with a food Sensitivity test.