summer vacationBetween taking vacations, enjoying the great outdoors, and indulging in a scoop of ice cream (or two!), it’s no surprise that people love summer.

However, now that we are in the month of July, we are in the midst of the heat of the season.

Hot weather is great–especially if you enjoy swimming or water sports–but the hot summer weather can also take a toll on our bodies.

For this reason, I wanted to put together some of my favorite summer health and safety blogs.

It’s my hope that you’ll be able to use my tips to help keep you–and your family–safe and healthy this summer.


Tip #1 – Stay Hydrated

stay hydrated

Staying hydrated year-round is important. But the need to keep hydrated is even more important in the heat as your body expels a lot of fluids.

The good news…you don’t need expensive and sugar-loaded electrolyte beverages to stay hydrated during warm weather.

Follow these tips to fight dehydration naturally this summer in cool, healthy, and refreshing ways.

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Tip #2- Wear Sunscreen

sun exposure

While some sun exposure is an important element to keeping your body healthy, I do have to remind you to also be careful while outdoors.

Too much sun exposure can be dangerous and lead to burns, skin damage, and even cancer.

There’s a good chance that, like most people, you use sunscreen to protect yourself from getting too much sun. If you are, then I’m glad you’re taking your skin health seriously.

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Tip #3 – Keep Yourself Protected from Bug Bites

bug bites

Warm weather brings lots of joy, fun, and natural treats like juicy watermelon, or a cold glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade.

These summertime treats won’t be around once winter arrives, so enjoy them while they last.

But there’s something else that comes with the arrival of summer, and it’s something you want to avoid: mosquitos! These annoying insects LOVE to bite your skin.

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Tip #4 – Adapt to a Sun Protection Diet


Wearing sunscreen is important.

But, did you know that your diet can also help protect you from damaging sun rays?

Discover what you need to be eating this summer to protect your body!

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Tip #5 – Keep Your Body Fueled with a Veggie-Rich Diet


It’s recommended that both men and women should consume 2 1/2 to 3 cups of vegetables per day. That’s a lot of veggies to add into your meal plan!

And if you’re someone who gets burned out eating the same veggies day after day—or struggles incorporating them into your diet because you dislike the taste— it can be a challenge to get your daily serving.

I suggest trying out a few of the following grilled vegetable recipes to add some tasty new dishes into your routine…

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Are you traveling a lot this summer? If your answer is yes, then I recommend you check out this final post on tips for maintaining healthy digestion while traveling! Enjoy!