One of the most rewarding parts of taking care of people is that you are able to watch their health and their lives improve. This is from one of our patients at Carolinas Natural Health Center.


Hey Dr. Smith-
Thought you may like to read the brief article/post I wrote about our health. It is a guest post on a website that is about gluten free diets, allergies, natural living and health, whole foods, etc. I talked about our experience in working with you, and the healing we have had through that after conventional medicine let us down. And also the incorporation of whole foods and the difference it made in our lives. Though not allowed to use your name, I am allowed to give it out if anyone asks.

Thank you for all your help and understanding over the years and for helping us get our lives back!

Shelly Richardson


The following is an excerpt from her amazing story.

Life was looking pretty grim for my family, and looking at our family history, just made it worse. The genetic line from my father’s side of the family is wrought with diabetes and cancer; and my mother’s side has thyroid disease and cancer. The diagnoses of family members with diseases and disorders was mounting, and my health was not getting any better. It was time for a change.

Finding an answer

There had to be an answer. I sought out alternative therapies. I found a licensed Naturopathic doctor, two hours away. Barely strong enough to walk to my car, we made the trip. The trip that changed our lives.

After spending two and half hours of talking about me, we were sent home with a plan. A plan that included homeopathic remedies and nutritional support and most importantly a change in diet. A huge change.

I had to relearn everything I knew about food and cooking.

I would like to think that at the time we were eating pretty healthy, but as it turned out when opening that pantry door, there was way more processed, sugar laden foods than I thought. I pulled up the trash can and out the door they went. I went through the same routine with the refrigerator. Then restocked with lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, local pastured grass fed meats, and whole grains. I had to relearn everything I knew about food and cooking. But the pay off? Well worth it!

Where we are today.

Nearly three years later, I have gained back 15 pounds (I was 92 pounds at my lowest), my anxiety is almost non-existent, and my migraines are greatly reduced. I am now full of life, vibrant life. My daughter, Sydney, who also sees our Naturopath, is a healthy, engaged, happy child. Her eczema gone. Allergies diminished. Her sensory issues, anxiety, fears and autism tendencies at a minimum.


Please take a moment to read the entire story. We are so happy for the Richardson Family and look forward to working together on their health for years to come.

The Richardson’s story is not a new one to us. Many of our patients have come to us with children who fall somewhere on the autism spectrum and have found many behaviors and tendencies to lessen when proper nutrition, naturopathy and homeopathy are introduced.

We are always pleased to meet for a complimentary consultation.