<img src=The right music sets the mood, in more ways than you think. Think about the last time you went to a sports event, and felt the energy from the intense music pumping up the home team. Music has the ability to put you into a meditative state.


Music is a powerful way to control your behavior. Here are a few ways how to use music to your benefit.


Using Music to Eat Less


If you’re looking to eat less and feel happier, listen to slow music next time you sit and have a meal. When you listen to slow music – particularly instrumentals – you eat at a slower pace, so your odds of overeating decrease.


Watching TV has the opposite effect of slow music. This is why TV is one of the worst things to do while eating. It’s bad for you because your mind is too engaged with the voices, screen changes, and other distractions taking place. If you are trying to pay attention to a program while you’re eating, you are likely to eat more food than you realize.


The next time you eat, it’s much better to put on some Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach instead.


Using Music to Relax


You might think slow songs are best for helping you relax, but that’s just not true. The most relaxing songs to listen to are ones that synchronize with your brain waves. In order to find out what types of songs these are, here’s how to find out the beat per minute (BPM) that works best for you.


  1. Try to think of a song that always relaxes you.
  2. Go to the website http://songbpm.com/ to find the song’s BPM.
  3. Alternatively, you can search for your song with your preferred search engine and add “+ BPM” and see if this gives you your result.
  4. Once you find your song’s BPM, do another search for your “BPM” and “songs”.
  5. Your results should show a list of songs with the BPM that relaxes you the most.
  6. Make a playlist with those songs, and you’ve now got hours of relaxation music to listen to.


Additionally, songs that you have an emotional connection to will help you relax. It’s wise to keep a playlist of the songs you listened to in your life’s most emotional moments – like at your graduation, wedding, or other related experience.


Using Music to Sleep


Many people try to go to sleep by putting on very slow and calm music. The problem here is going to sleep does not happen immediately. You can’t put on calm music and expect it to work if you’re in an upbeat state.


The better way to use music to sleep is to start with music that matches your current mood. As you listen to this music, transition it into the very slow and calming music you normally associate with sleeping.


It’s possible to make an effective playlist for sleeping by having the first set of songs have a high BPM. Make every song in your playlist have a lower BPM than the last song. This is a far more effective way of putting you to sleep.


More Natural Ways to Live Healthier


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Photo Credit: Shimal Ahmed (Fulhi)